Sunday, 10 March 2013


I am extremely excited to introduce you all to my mini little business - CHOLLECTION! 
I'll try keep it short and simple. Basically, I customise chain bracelets into different styles, textures and I also make and design my own studded bracelets. I have a lot of ideas in mind of different things I am going to make but I need to generate a bit of income first before I start to slowly expand. 


Oh! By the way, it is basically said "collection" but my sisters and I discussed several names as we've wanted to start a business for a long time. Wanted to incorporate our name and "collection" in it. 


I started off a few months back just making bracelets to please and showcase myself but once I posted them onto Instagram, I got a response that I was not expecting, many people were requesting to buy them so one night, I was feeling spontaneous and this is where it "begins" [the end is probably soon but let me just live this and pretend this is going to be like the next big thing to make me a teency bit happy and pretend I'm not deluded].


I am juggling this as well as going to college full time, working part time as a sales assistant and all my homework and revision! It is a struggle I admit but it is truly something I enjoy doing- making and creating things myself. It has always been a dream of mine to design and make things such as clothing and shoes but as I do not study fashion or anything related, this is as close to my dream I am ever going to get. It's a start, it's something, it's a struggle and it's also something that makes me feel like I am getting somewhere; somewhere where I can manage a bit of everything that I want to do in my life. 

So the bracelets started off at prices around £5.50 to £7 but I looked at my finances and I am barely even breaking even, in fact I am making a loss. The prices will now be increased and I thought I'd let you guys know this way... by blogging it out! As someone once said, a business will not be successful if you're in it for the money, it has to be because of your passion- which I strongly believe, I am not trying to make a huge profit, I enjoy making bracelets and seeing other people wearing them on their wrists and them asking me where they can buy it makes me really happy! I admit I would like a bit of income though *pauses*


...........I wanted to start on Instagram just as a small little business but it is a great hassle to do transactions via there and email. I considered ASOS Marketplace but I am not hoping for this to be a huge business because I simply do not have the time to make all these bracelets and post them off in my student life! I may be opening a temporary site on big-cartel for like a month or so just because the transactions will be much easier. 



For now, I am just making bracelets ready for that, I will post photos up on Instagram, I do not know when I will start selling these but once I get some income and get paid I will find a easier way to do transactions. 


Anyway. There's a snippet of my lifestory. 

In the meantime, if you would like to check it out/ ask any questions:
- Please follow @CHOLLECTION on Instagram
- Please follow @_CHOLLECTION on Twitter
- Please email me CHOLLECTION@GMAIL.COM 


~I will get back to you as quick as I can.

Thank you so much for the support I am getting!! [From sisters and friends!] 


Back Again!

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you've seen all these photos before! But I thought I'd get myself back into blogging by posting up the outfits I've been wearing recently. They all look pretty much the same! 

My essentials that I wear EVERY single time I go out are:
Fur scarf
Leather jacket
Leopard print vans
and you'll probably see me wear my Mochino belt with every outfit! [ yes I'm slightly bored with it too!]

I absolutely LOVE long bottom eyelashes! It's hard for me being oriental because we [I generalise] have fairly short, sparse, fine eyelashes that are poker straight. They are a nightmare to control and put mascara on! What I love about it, is the way it makes eyes look so much more awake and gives the cute innocent look [in my opinion!] I try to make my bottoms look longer but they end up just looking like I've smudged eyeliner across my eyes! 

Makeup: Rituals Elegance mascara and 3 in 1 volume mascara also from Rituals. Eyeshadows in Rose Amber collection, lipstick in Cotton Candy and lipgloss in Sugar Rose. 

Chains - Forever 21
Cardigan - H&M
Skirt- Topshop
Scarf- ASOS

Sister recently went to Hong Kong and found loads of these beanies with ears! I was scared to wear it but whatever! Got weird looks in college.. but y'know. Whatever floats your boat. 

Tee - Sick Girl - £30-35 , can get them in Urban Outfitters

Oh yes! I forgot to show you my bag, I LOVEEE this too! I needed a new college bag because I carry so many notepads and heavy books around with me that all the straps on my other bags were starting to break! This nude one is from Zara and it's like a huge bucket! I love the handles and it also has a small strap to wear across the shoulder but I'm scared it will break! This was from Zara, they also do it in black. £39.99

Outfits are getting a bit repetitive now aren't they?! 

I've wanted this dress for absolutely ages but I've had nowhere to wear it to and it was awkward when I tried it on before, just wouldn't fit right! I gave it another go and it was perfect. You can't really wear a bra with this so I had to pop to Primark to get some quick boob tape! The fit of this dress is amazing, the slits on the side give an illusion of a slimmer waist and i'm sure even if you don't have big boobs, this dress would look nice! I'm obsessed with dresses that float out at the waist and this had netting under the skirting to make it extra puffy. Shoulder pads also in the shoulders. Cannot explain how much I love this dress! I did get quite a few compliments with this! [note.. I did cover the cleavage with my hair most of the night].

I also was going to wear it with wedges, Topshop, £85 [love love love] but it was a house party and they did say things about flooring so I quickly dashed out to buy myself a pair of Vans that i've had my eye on for a few days. Had to be done. I now wear them with everything! 

Leopard Print Vans- £50 - Choice [also in Office]

Beanie - Mens section in River Island
Jumper - Sister's [Primark]
Jacket - Zara - £80

Dress - H&M
Zara Jacket. 
-Valentine's day... hehehe

Jumper with jewels on the sleeve - H&M - £30

March Outfits!


Skirt- Topshop
Wedges - Aldo

Shorts- Topshop

Camo Jeans - Topshop

Quick photo in the sun

FAKE Homies Beanie - stolen from sister
Shorts - River Island
Shoes - VANS. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! I literally wear them every where, everyday with everything!
Bag - Replica Proenza Schouler
Scarf - ASOS
Jacket - H&M
Belt - Moschino
Necklaces - sister's