Monday, 4 June 2012

Recent Purchases + Others

Love this dress but I found out it was so cheap because it was meant to be a cover up for the beach :( Just layer over a long vest or something. Looks great both with and without a belt. So easy to style! --Topshop, £26

 Better image of the mint playsuit, it comes in other lovely colours which I plan to buy them all when I am financially capable ahaha. --Topshop, £32

 This is just a plain top/dress that I layered under the crotchet dress, I love it! It's so comfortable and feels so smooth; going to get some more to go sleep in! -- H&M, £7.99

 The purchases of that day. The pumps that are hidden are like a weaved wood effect. -- New Look, £14

 If you know me in real life you know I barely wear trousers but seeing my friends wear them at school made me want a pair of tapered trousers. As you can see they're not very flattering on me but I love the colour! I got a beige pair as well. -- Zara, £25.99. Top, Zara, £15.99 [worn back to front]

 When the weather was boiling hot! Bought this dress along with another white dress. The floral one didn't really fit well on the neckline, it was a bit baggy due to my chest size. The back of it is holed so you'll have to wear a good backless bra or a bandeau or something underneath. Personally, I didn't really like it when I put it on. It made me look like a picnic table cloth and was a bit long for my liking but I loved it on the hanger! 

The other white dress I bought [ ] I absolutely love! I had a similar one from 1-2 years back but it was slightly floral. However, If you have a big bust this is not for you. The dress fit and there is good elasticity but the shape of the cup/ bust on the dress is very specific and it just made me look very cheap in a beautiful, plain, white dress. So, I had to refund both of these. Unflattering on my height and shape. :(

 Just how I styled the crotchet dress. 

 WHAT I NEED TO PURCHASE. I saw this T vest on a girl I follow in Instagram and loved it! [hence buying one from Topshop that was similar]. I've had an eye on those shorts for absolutely ages now but they STILL HAVE NOT GOT MY SIZE. waiting. unpatiently. --Zara,  £19.99 and £24.99 I think the shorts were.. or cheaper. They were cheap though for what they are and what I remember!

 GLAMOUR magazine are giving a choice out of 3 little benefit sample sized products. Each magazine is £2 so I thought, why not? I bought all three of them just because I hardly buy benefit cosmetics as I find their sales assistants intimidating but the amount of make up they have on while mine is poorly done and the face I'll have to look at the product, look at the price then pretend to look at the product like i'll buy it later and put it back down.. 

 So it is out of 'Pore fessional', 'Badgal' lash mascara and 'that gal' brightening face primer. I have not tried the pore fessional or the 'thatgal' yet. I'm sure many of you have tried the mascara before but I don't really like it in my experience. 

As much as I love the packaging of benefit products etc etc.. the brush looked amazingly huge and bushy and cute compared to the mascara I usually use but due to my mega poker straight Chinese eyelashes.. They struggled to keep my eyelashes curled once I curled them before applying and after applying. They drooped straight back down. I'd say it's only great if you have thick eyelashes and a lot of them. Since I have very few, sparse eyelashes that are extremely straight. 

 Only photo I have of this leather-like wrap around, studded bracelet. -- New Look, £4.99 . [Most/ all of their jewellery are buy one get one free right now].

 Shorts I tried on. Not sure if I really like them but the size I picked up and tried looked so cute! But for me personally, i would have to wear tights because if I bent over or it was a windy day, all would be exposed. They are like a thick jacquard material. -- River Island. £32 I think? I can't remember.

 The rubbish iPhone camera quality does these shorts no justice! Love these shorts, They're a silky material and with beige + blue patterns on it. They flare out slightly but I love them, sits on my waist nicely and perfect for layering in cold weather, on the beach as a cover up, or in general for summer! 

I've wanted the top for quite a while but there has not been my size. Finally gave in and bought a M so it's slightly oversized on me, which I can layer things so it's okay. Wore my favourite bandeau body underneath. Can wear it with jeans; tuck just the front bit into the shorts/skirt and leave the rest hanging down for a different look; over a collared top etc etc. 

Very worded, if you read through it all, you must be so bored! Thank you for reading :) 

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