Monday, 11 June 2012

Favourite Magazines! LOOK, COMPANY, MORE, VIVI

[Wrote this post on Saturday but whenever I uploaded the photos, they came out rotated and I couldn't rotate it back. After trying several times, I give up! So I'm sorry about the rotated images!]

So as usual on a nice Tuesday afternoon, I scroll through magazines before intensely reading them and inspecting the latest stock in stores and style ideas. Instantly, I found how different the inside of MORE magazine looked, I'm so impressed! It looks so professional now and I'm loving the way every thing is set out, the font, design and colour schemes. Love it! I'm not saying it was terrible before but it just didn't look very professional as it does now; it looks much more high end! 

I have been religiously flupping through all the pages of LOOK magazine since it first launched around 5 years ago. I love reading the hair styling parts and how to do it and their photoshoots abroad. Ever since there was a new editor a few weeks ago, i have noticed how much more involved the readers are. For example you can submit photos of your looks to be published in the magazine and you can see other people's styles instead of the same sort of combinations. 

My third favourite English magazine is COMPANY HIGH STREET EDIT. This comes out every season; I'm not quite sure when it first published it's first issue but as soon as I saw it on a Tesco shelf, my face lit up. I can't describe how perfect every thing looked inside! THE PAPER! Most amazing paper. The layout, is amazing; the size of the magazine is amazing and best of all, you can flick through it over and over again and not get bored. All these outfits just pop into my mind when I flick through. IF ONLY I HAD THE MONEY! If i were to own my own magazine; which I'd absolutely LOVE [or even just to work in a magazine company...!!!], this is exactly how I'd have my magazine! It is just so perfect! The fonts, the way every thing is spaced out, DIY sections and reader's styles are all combined into one. The first issue I purchased was the Autumn/winter 2011 so I've only had 2 editions of this magazine [the latest, spring/summer one as well]. It is priced at 3.99 but it is SO worth it! 


On to the Japanese/ Chinese magazines... I cannot explain how breathtaking Japanese magazines are [ViVi]. Well. The most popular, well known one within Asia. I am not from Japan, nor do I live or visit Japanese... or even understand Japanese but it is sold in Hong Kong and I'm sure most of East Asia sells it. It is translated into Chinese (the ones sold in Hong Kong) so I'm not sure if they translate it in Korean, for example. Seriously though, it is the most amazing, fashion inspiring-- correction, STYLE inspiring magazine EVER. If you think there is competition, please tell me! 

Onto the content, it is filled with pages and pages and pages of the most beautiful models with dream bodies and the prettiest faces wearing a million different outfits, or the same item styled in various different ways. It is usually the same few models in every issue of Vivi, but hell no does it get boring to see the same face! Lena Fuji, Chikako Watanabe, Matsumoto Ena etc. I cannot express how amazing all the Vivi models are! Every issue is jam-packed with thousands of photos of outfits, beauty products, accessories, shoes, hair, the list goes on! Oh yes, The paper is amazing quality! There are hundreds of pages filled with goodness. 

As you should know, Tokyo/ Japan is one of the most fashion forward places on Earth. Reading one of these magazines, you'll know what's in fashion in London next year. Honestly, the UK is slacking compared to Japan! Let me just show you how beautiful this magazine is. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You do not need to understand a word of Japanese or Chinese, just let the style, fashion, photos do all the talking and blow your mind. 

Another popular Japanese magazine is Ray. I have a few issues but personally, it is no where near as amazing as Vivi is. The style is so different, it is not what I'd go for apart from a few out of the 39109210 photos in there. However, I do love the beauty section. 

Overall, my favourite magazines: 

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