Thursday, 2 February 2012

Micro Haul + Trying On Clothes

The pink blazer! Love at first sight! The back is short and the front is long AND I can wear it with long sleeves! All the blazers I wear to sixth form I roll up my sleeves because they're not the right shape but this blazer was perfection! £90 though so had to slowly but cooly put it back in its place boooo

Bought the collared dress, saw it online an absolutely loved it and saw it today and fell in love! They have a navy colour as well. The only down side is that it doesn't suit big boobs. I still don't know if I can pull it off. It distorts the shape. Plus, some dresses may be a bit long if you're petite like me. I found the S to be shorter than the XS. Should have got a L to make my boobs look normal.

Bought this asymmetrical skirt I've had my eye on since September, wanted one for ages! Finally bought it but I don't know where I can wear it Andrew to pull it off! Tried on like 2 ways and have up 'cause I was making a mess.

Also bought a plain black jersey a line skirt from topshop but it's a bit long for me :( makes me look out of proportion and I have lots of black skirts already! Change it?

Black asymmetrical skirt - Topshop [Goldie] - 45
Peachy/ orange collared dress - Zara - 35.99
Baby pink blazer - Zara - 89.99

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