Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Version Of A Haul This Past Week

So here's what I've been doing in my half term.. sitting at home and going out to buy stuff that I'm not even supposed to be buying. I absolutely LOVE spring colours, all the pastel colours just excite me and I want to buy EVERYTHING. If only I had the money eh! Need to start job searching... Someone please employ me! PREFERABLY TOPSHOP/ZARA PLEASE. Um, yeah so [P] is what I've bought and [PL] is what I'll hopefully be purchasing later on that I love! 

I also purchased 2 lovely bras from M&S which I shall not post here haha but I seriously love M&S bras, super comfy whereas I had a little :/ when I bought two from Boux Avenue.. the fitting wasn't great and the underwire dug into my chest and made my chest bleed. Will be taking those to refund. 

Want this but it's £30! I imagined it to be £25 max! Ripoff. [PL]
Boat shoes - River Island -£20 [P]
So it's sitting on my waist.. is it supposed to be this short or am I supposed to pull it down? It looks a bit weird swinging at this length.. bought it anyway to try it out :)
Top- Topshop - £36 [I think.. from the top of my head]
Trousers- Zara- £25.99 [P]
Wasn't sure which colour to buy! Wanted a pair of these for ages but was scared they'd make me look really big as they sit on the hips and most trousers like these have a wide bit at the bottom D; 
Minty trousers with zip detail on back leg - £35.99 [P]
Sky blue/ Mint coloured trousers - ever since I saw mint colours for spring in Zara last year, I fell in love but didn't know what to buy first! Love these trousers, should be wearing these to sixth form.. I'm getting into trousers now because me wearing black skirts all the time just isn't cutting it.
Shorts- Zara - £25.99 [PL]
These shorts are so cute! The colour didn't come up very well but they're a peachy colour. 
Sky blue/ Mint top [I'm on a mint hype] - H&M - £7.99 - SO CHEAP! [P]
Pleated maxi skirt - £32 [P]
Nearly out of day cream so I got this, only wanted the cream and turns out this whole set INCLUDING the moisturiser is CHEAPER than just the one moisturiser! Bargain. £30 [P]
Outfit of the other day [lol]
Opaque footless tights/ stretchy leggings -£9.99 [P]
These are like really thick tights/very thin leggings, super stretchy and opaque. Not tried them on yet but they're just footless tights I suppose! Will be wearing these all the time around the house with a nice pair of socks :)

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