Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Random OOTDs

New leather jacket but I had I return it because it was too big! smaller size :) it's £29.99 from H&M.

Collar shirt with woolly jumper on top from topshop last year that I've never worn! It looks a bit odd on me, need more shirts with bigger collars!

The grey jumper is actually my dads from like 20 years ago; VINTAGE JUMPER! All the thugs in fashion now were in fashion like 20 years ago. If only my mum kept all her clothes, looking at her old photos and she was so damn stylish!

The black dress with leather jacket is what I wore to a party last night.. Realised I looked stupid in it. Had no time to find something to wear and me and sisters were running around to each others rooms trying to find clothes and I nearly cried as I do..

That's all for now ~ Merry Christmas!

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