Thursday, 29 December 2011

Mini Haul... ish...

Hello. We meet again.

I LOVE these shorts! Saw them a few weeks back but was like :/ with the price because I needed to buy Christmas presents then.. my sister got a pair and I was like, that's it. They're mine now! Absolutely love them. Topshop. Shirt with sheer panel at the top from H&M.

These shorts are so cool! Look ugly on my hips though. Just got to face the fact I can't wear them anymore because I have big hips :'(

Skirt I bought a few months back, super cheap from Monki!

The cardigan is Topshop as well, but the shape of it is actually horrible. If anyone can pull this off, hats off to you!

Shorts- £32 - Topshop

Shorts - £32 - Topshop

'Studded' collar shirt - Zara - £25.99

Blush Cardigan - £40 - Topshop

So I bought these with money I got from Christmas but I kinda changed a few items because they look horrid on me as you can see... and now the refunded money has gone.. spent it on books and stationery -______________- great huh!

Hope you al had a lovely Christmas! x

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