Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Creeper Style Heeled Boots

Fell in live web I first saw these, needed an excuse to buy them! Had celebration evening last Thursday and that's what I wore~

The heels are comfortable as long as they fit, I bought a size smaller than normal and they fit quite well; however some might find the zip annoying and tight but I'm sure it'll stretch out! The front patch is 'pony hair' and the rest is leather looking, with a strap and buckle. Heel height is roughly/ just over 5 inches.

But.. There are a much nicer creeper style heeled boots in topshop! £120 though an out of stock :( I think I'd get killed if I bought shoes that expensive that I'll only wear once :( I'll try find out the name of them :)

Heeled creeper style boots- Miss Selfridge- £69

Enjoy! [posted pics on tumblr http://www.salskiii.tumblr.com and hot a few questions on them]


  1. hihi ^^
    could you tell me where you got your cut out shoulder top in the last outfit from =)

    <3 your style xx

  2. there beautiful, I WANT THEM!xxxx