Saturday, 26 November 2011

Leather Panel Leggings

100th POST!! and like have a handful of followers :'( oh wells~

Seriously need like a photographer or use my laptop.. looks so gay taking all these photos like this..

... and sorry for the jumble of pictures, I uploaded pics via phone and it all jumbled on the computer. Some outfits are similar but like different shoes etc.

Wanted these leather paneled leggings for a while now and finally bought them while they had stock in my size! This post is just different ways you COULD style them.. / how i've just decided to find clothes and put them all on seeing what you can wear with them.

The creeper heels!

Top- Daddy's Ralph Lauren from like 20 years ago LOL. Find a chunky belt or something, this one doesn't match. Grey beanie. Satchel.

^ Bit more formal with the leggings

Obi belt + shirt + creeper heels.

JUST MESSING with the glasses okay. White top. Fur scarf - H&M [sister's. sold out when I went to get one!]

Out? Obi + glittery wedges.

Simple. Shirt. Belt. Beanieeee.

I'd never wear this out.. too much hips and thigh but that's just my opinion, just get self conscious but others can pull it off. Top - Topshop.

Leopard cardi - Hong Kong. Studded slippers "Vectra" - Topshop

Studded Slippers- "Vectra" - £28



-Repeat- studded slippers.

Turban headband- Miss Selfridge. Shirt - River Island.


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Creeper Style Heeled Boots

Fell in live web I first saw these, needed an excuse to buy them! Had celebration evening last Thursday and that's what I wore~

The heels are comfortable as long as they fit, I bought a size smaller than normal and they fit quite well; however some might find the zip annoying and tight but I'm sure it'll stretch out! The front patch is 'pony hair' and the rest is leather looking, with a strap and buckle. Heel height is roughly/ just over 5 inches.

But.. There are a much nicer creeper style heeled boots in topshop! £120 though an out of stock :( I think I'd get killed if I bought shoes that expensive that I'll only wear once :( I'll try find out the name of them :)

Heeled creeper style boots- Miss Selfridge- £69

Enjoy! [posted pics on tumblr and hot a few questions on them]


I'm back :)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Triangle Nails

My nails were chipped and couldn't be bothered to remove the paint and do them again! So I just got another colour and painted a triangle at the top, you can do bottoms too for contrast :) if you have thin brush, outline the triangle to make it stab out more [I got bored in Maths and used a biro!]

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Friday, 4 November 2011


Sister wore this home last week and since then, I stole it off her. It feels like chiffon! LOL okay, but yeah it's so smooth and soft! It looks like a normal shirt material though until you stroke the arms!

Sheer checked shirt- forever21 - stolen of sister : , she'll have more outfits because I hardly go out.