Friday, 7 October 2011

SCHOOL OUTFITS/ FORMAL OUTFITS, getting the most out of a few items

The things I do for the one anon. ='( hope you appreciate this, took me forever!

HOW TO GET LOTS OF OUTFITS FROM A FEW ITEMS. [there's so many more ways I could have done it but I got tired of putting on all the clothes].

*CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE* sorry for bad quality photos and very.. amateur editing!

The amount of clothes I went through for this one post, that actually took me a few hours to just put them all on paint and arrange them [yes i'm not good with photoshop etc].

- This is just how i've paired up my outfits, there are so many different ways you could do them, just experiment!

~ Add a blazer, sensible pumps [instead of my boots I wore!] and add accessories -belts, necklaces, bangles- to make it more different. I don't accessorise much and don't have many accessories, so my outfits are pretty plain.
~I usually only wear 1 pair of shoes and wear those 2 blazers because the nice blazers are £65 + and i'm not willing to pay that much yet.. until I get a job!
~ My scarves were downstairs and was too lazy to accessorise with them. Make a bow with them for your shirts! Or use them as belts/ headscarves.

10- You know I love this skirt.. it's in so many posts and I always wear it, worth the cheap price!
[and yes, i'm in the toilet kneeling on the bath]

9- My favourite dress! So versatile, goes with anything!

12- Just add headscarves to the collars to make it look like a different top! [the first one is the original top]
20- Add a belt, necklace, tights and pumps if you want it to look...less.. plain.

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  1. I want all your clothes! hehe all the outfits are so cute, thanks for the post~~