Sunday, 30 October 2011

All Fired Up!

Each couldn't think of a title, it's jut the song in the radio right now. Quick OOTD:

Cardigan- Zara- £25.99
Dress- same H&M one from yobs ago
Wedges- same old same old

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Fancy Dress Halloween Party

Couldn't decide on a outfit, it was either black swan, sailor, cave woman.. but had no money to buy new things so these are all old things! [Wedges kindly lent from sister :D]

So...this is what I came up with at first... was meant to look like a doll but I got told I look like a slut .. why gee thanks!

Below: my outfit, covered in a cardi, scarf and pumps to walk in the dark on my own to the party! Wedges stuffed in my bag muahah

Pink skirt - Topshop -bought a few years ago
Heart patterned tights - Topshop - bought last year [you can find lots around anywhere now]

Monday, 17 October 2011

Mammi's Birthday

~ Was Mum's birthday on Friday, what we bought her [splitting between us 3]

Swarovski Hello Kitty and a cake :)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wall memories

Just a free photos, so hard to choose them! So I hose randomly. I realised I don't have a photo of just me and my Maammiiee :(

Saturday, 8 October 2011


My first / second/ third tutorial/ hair thing [depending on what you think actually counts..] done a milkmaid braid on another account but i'm not sure which account to use or make a new account =/

Really bad editing, sorry! As for the music..... I was feeling lucky on youtube and they chose me a song because I can't edit videos etc! Help...? :)

Topshop Shoes

Needed shoes, went out to hint for studded slippers and found these studded boots randomly! Last pair and in my size!! WOO :D I wanted a limited pair from Miss Selfridge but I didn't want to spend too much~ these'll do!

The ballet pumps are so comfy and last ages (had nude pair before) although it does feel like you're literally walking on the floor something's because it's so thin! The nude ones said they wouldn't last long but have lasted me over a year~ these velvet ones are better quality I think :)

Both these pairs of shoes actually go with absolutely everything! Love love~

Studded boots - £36!- Topshop
Velvet black pumps- £18- Topshop

Friday, 7 October 2011

SCHOOL OUTFITS/ FORMAL OUTFITS, getting the most out of a few items

The things I do for the one anon. ='( hope you appreciate this, took me forever!

HOW TO GET LOTS OF OUTFITS FROM A FEW ITEMS. [there's so many more ways I could have done it but I got tired of putting on all the clothes].

*CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE* sorry for bad quality photos and very.. amateur editing!

The amount of clothes I went through for this one post, that actually took me a few hours to just put them all on paint and arrange them [yes i'm not good with photoshop etc].

- This is just how i've paired up my outfits, there are so many different ways you could do them, just experiment!

~ Add a blazer, sensible pumps [instead of my boots I wore!] and add accessories -belts, necklaces, bangles- to make it more different. I don't accessorise much and don't have many accessories, so my outfits are pretty plain.
~I usually only wear 1 pair of shoes and wear those 2 blazers because the nice blazers are £65 + and i'm not willing to pay that much yet.. until I get a job!
~ My scarves were downstairs and was too lazy to accessorise with them. Make a bow with them for your shirts! Or use them as belts/ headscarves.

10- You know I love this skirt.. it's in so many posts and I always wear it, worth the cheap price!
[and yes, i'm in the toilet kneeling on the bath]

9- My favourite dress! So versatile, goes with anything!

12- Just add headscarves to the collars to make it look like a different top! [the first one is the original top]
20- Add a belt, necklace, tights and pumps if you want it to look...less.. plain.

Cat Woman

Meet BeBe and MiuMiu :)

OOTD 05/10/11

You'll all be seeing me looking extremely similar every time you see me. Top. Shorts. That cardigan. That bag. Scarf. Those boots. Bam. All my outfits are going to look the same now! Just putting anything under my cardi :)

Black vest worn as top- [stole from sister]- Topshop
Plaited belt
Boots- Topshop £36
Oversized chunky cardigan- Zara- £20
Scarf- Hong Kong- $20

I'll post up what I've bought recently, soon, possibly tomorrow :) and a few school outfits.