Sunday, 25 September 2011


Fixing clothes to wear for sixth form is a nightmare, I'm like not allowed to wear anything! I have to wear:
- Formal business suit, skirts to the knee and full length trousers.
- Formal blouse with collar.
- Formal polishable shoes.

CANNOT wear:
- Bright colours, denim, studs, casual trousers (leggings), casual tops, SHORTS, cropped trousers, short skirts, revealing clothes, pumps, canvas shoes, visible boots...

So fussy. Anywho... This is one outfit I wore, I liked it :D despite getting told I look like a "typical Chinese school girl" "the girl from tekken" "girls in uniform in Tokyo drift" .. Not seen them but yeah..

Wanted the skirt for a long time but had no money as I had to buy other stuff. Finally bought it! It's a fake leather/ pleather skater skirt with a zip at the back.

I might do more posts on what I wear to sixth form.. But I didn't take a picture of my outfits everyday!

White blouse/ shirt with black detachable bow (dress worn as top) - River Island - £24.99

Zip waterfall blazer- Hong Kong, Boutique/ shop/ stall in Argyle

Black zip pleather skater skirt- H&M- £19.99

Grey brogues- River Island (purchased last year)

// never worn my brogues before because I don't really like them.. But desperate times when I have no shoes to wear that fit the requirements heh//

Should be sleeping now, it's 12.46 am and I have to be up at 6 to go on school trip to Imperial~ eee!

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