Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fading Nails

Asked how I do my nails on Tumblr when I posted a picture a few weeks ago. Been lazy to post.

Chanel -Mistral
Non-designer nail polish from HK I think [stole from sisters] it's pink and sparkly/ shiny
Barry M- purple colour...
Non-designer purple sparkly nail polish - it says B.O on it LOL. Think my Nan gave us this :D

Sorry for bad quality phone camera.
My favourite ones I do quite often~

These ones didn't turn out as nice.

step 1- get a colour you want to be the darker colour underneath and randomly paint half the nail or if you want it sloping diagonally, then paint it like that..

step 2- second layer.
step 3 - go over it in a sparkly colour.
step 4- top coat.

I didn't bother to put bottom and top coat when I painted because I wanted it to dry quicker.

You can just find any shiny/metallic colour to put on top that matches the colour. Also, you can put two different shades of under-colours to give the nails a better effect. put a darker colour underneath, once it's dry, put a lighter colour on top followed by metallic colour.

Quick post. Dry hands. Goodbye.

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