Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Inspired by Jameela Jamil

Okay.. So quick post, yup. I now have a fringe, not used to it and don't really like it.. Had one when I wad like in year 7.

Trying to perfect my makeup skills forever but it's just not working! Tried to do Jameela's signature eyeliner flick.. Failed. But I think my hair kinda looks like hers?!

And clothes.. Inspired by her, can imagine her wearing something like this/ seen her wear something like this.

Red top- Topshop -£28
Leather skater skirt- H+M (seen in previous posts)
Wedges- Deena and Ozzy for Urban Outfitters
Head half turban headband thing - Miss Selfridge
Bag- Mum's vintage Chanel

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Fixing clothes to wear for sixth form is a nightmare, I'm like not allowed to wear anything! I have to wear:
- Formal business suit, skirts to the knee and full length trousers.
- Formal blouse with collar.
- Formal polishable shoes.

CANNOT wear:
- Bright colours, denim, studs, casual trousers (leggings), casual tops, SHORTS, cropped trousers, short skirts, revealing clothes, pumps, canvas shoes, visible boots...

So fussy. Anywho... This is one outfit I wore, I liked it :D despite getting told I look like a "typical Chinese school girl" "the girl from tekken" "girls in uniform in Tokyo drift" .. Not seen them but yeah..

Wanted the skirt for a long time but had no money as I had to buy other stuff. Finally bought it! It's a fake leather/ pleather skater skirt with a zip at the back.

I might do more posts on what I wear to sixth form.. But I didn't take a picture of my outfits everyday!

White blouse/ shirt with black detachable bow (dress worn as top) - River Island - £24.99

Zip waterfall blazer- Hong Kong, Boutique/ shop/ stall in Argyle

Black zip pleather skater skirt- H&M- £19.99

Grey brogues- River Island (purchased last year)

// never worn my brogues before because I don't really like them.. But desperate times when I have no shoes to wear that fit the requirements heh//

Should be sleeping now, it's 12.46 am and I have to be up at 6 to go on school trip to Imperial~ eee!

Weaved Plait

Looks cool huh? :D
Step 1- do a waterfall plait.
Step 2- underneath it, so a French plait using the strands from the waterfall plait above.

If you want me to make a more detailed post, comment below~ and I'll do it on one of my sisters or something.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How To Clean Leather Bag Handles

I've only tried this on Louis Vuitton bags, so not sure about others. Got marks on my bag's handles and decided to do what I always do to them.. rub them off. Just sharing a tip.

Take a CLEAN rubber [preferably new] and just rub the dirt/discolouration. This is usually due to it rubbing against things like denim just like a sofa would discolour too.

That's all for now. Blog was a bit inactive so just updating with random little posts.

The Dark Side.

Another random post. Was trying to find things to wear to school. Failed. Skirt too short but I love it :( I have literally no shoes, wear the same trampy pair and I have no clothes.

Pleather skirt: H&M - £19.99 I think, or something like that I can't remember. Don't know whether to change it or whattt.

White shirt: Miss Selfridge - £34

Fading Nails

Asked how I do my nails on Tumblr when I posted a picture a few weeks ago. Been lazy to post.

Chanel -Mistral
Non-designer nail polish from HK I think [stole from sisters] it's pink and sparkly/ shiny
Barry M- purple colour...
Non-designer purple sparkly nail polish - it says B.O on it LOL. Think my Nan gave us this :D

Sorry for bad quality phone camera.
My favourite ones I do quite often~

These ones didn't turn out as nice.

step 1- get a colour you want to be the darker colour underneath and randomly paint half the nail or if you want it sloping diagonally, then paint it like that..

step 2- second layer.
step 3 - go over it in a sparkly colour.
step 4- top coat.

I didn't bother to put bottom and top coat when I painted because I wanted it to dry quicker.

You can just find any shiny/metallic colour to put on top that matches the colour. Also, you can put two different shades of under-colours to give the nails a better effect. put a darker colour underneath, once it's dry, put a lighter colour on top followed by metallic colour.

Quick post. Dry hands. Goodbye.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Birthday 2011 ~

So it was my birthday last week on the 5th and I didn't do anything with friends and thattttttt~ but I went Westfield with sisters and Mum to buy my bag which is a joint GCSE and birthday present :)

Just before the clock turned to 12 o clock midnight.. sister decided to distract me while the other went to light up my little cupcakes and that~ what a nice surprise xD so cute :)

Johnnie Cupcakes! They're really nice, but a bit too much icing D=

A really thoughtful present from my cousin~ shows things don't have to be expensive to make you happy! Got lots of Soap and Glory handfood and stuff as everyone knows how obsessed I am with them :D Thank you Winnie! ♥! Bought myself a NAKED palette by Urban Decay with my birthday money as I like the colours. I think it's about time I start putting on and experiment with makeup, I hate my face.

Bag- Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 with strap.
Thank you Dad and Mum! ♥ ♥ ♥ + everyone who gave/sent me a card, got me a present and thanks to my Auntie and cousins ;) ♥