Tuesday, 30 August 2011

♥♥ PROM 19/07/11

Prom was actually the best day [and a half] of my life. Not sure if I posted up dress dilemmas before as to which dress I should buy.. this one was a big risk because it was bought on the internet, no refunds, didn't know if the size would fit, material and yah~

Got it, wasn't really happy with it at first, my boobs are too big for the dress and the top part was so tight I didn't eat for the whole day apart from a few sips of green tea and at the prom, I had a tiny bite of a tiny sausage roll then cherry sourz at the afterparty. I personally thought the dress looked really cheap. It was a bit long for me too but nothing a pair of scissors and Mum can't do :)

So yeah, it was really nice to see all my friends at prom after a weeks apart due to study leave and exams being over.

A bunch of friends and I went to Christel's amazing house [girl in mint green dress] to take photos and wait for the limo. Thank you Christel! [if she even reads this LOL].

Got to prom, loads of pictures, as you can see below. Danced. Walked, jumped, yeah.. all in those 5.5/6" heels and I didn't take them off once. Prom finished at 12, took the limo back to Christel's to change. Took my heels off and omg, blistered like crazy, it was SO MUCH PAIN to even walk on the floor in bare feet. Then to face the pain again and wear them all night/morning at the afterparty at Patrick's house .. Thank you Pat as well~ :)

In the limo, had a few drinks, yarrr. Then got drunk at afterparty on cherry sourz LOL, lightweight. I had like a plastic cup trying to drink it in shots seeing who could get drunk first LOL! First time getting drunk.. I admit. Funnnn! Apart from being cornered with best friend Val on a chair for most of it due to us being a bit too tipsy. Fell over and omg couldn't see pahaha. Valerie fell into the tent and it almost collapsed PAHAHA. oh gawd.

Walked to the station at like 4 in the morning and first train was 4.30? Got back to the station and walked over.. McDonalds was shut so had to walk to the retail park. OMG WORST JOURNEY OF MY LIFE! liek 102938019 blisters forming on the soles of my feet, walking across stones, uneven flooring, hard unsteady rock-y concrete to get to McDonald's lol! Took me like a hour to walk there, everyone else got there like waaay ahead of me. :( Thanks to Matt walking slowly with me :')

Didn't get home until half 7 in the morning~ a whole 14 hours surviving on mostly on those pair of heels, sip of green tea, bite of sausage roll and cherry sourz xD

Got home, packed suitcase, showered and off I went to Hong Kong!
Long post, Enjoy :) x

Christel and I
Find me!
Those of you who think I am pretty.. wtf!

Eugenie's amazing Sherri Hill dress, GORGEOUS!
Me and Bill :)
BEST FRIENDS FOREVAHHHHHHHH ♥♥ going to miss her so so so much :'(

Love this picture :) Nicole, Hannah, Faith ♥
[Took some people's photos from FB, I downloaded the ones I was tagged in, credits to them].

That's all for now~ ♥

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