Thursday, 18 August 2011

MiMo Diamond Circle Lenses

So I've wanted to try circle lenses for ages now because my eyes are small and they give an illusion of a bigger eye by giving a image of a bigger iris and bigger pupil.

If you go Hong Kong regularly, you know how annoying the sales assistants can be. They don't give you any space. Under pressure when I just want to look through, take my time. Taking your time and personal space does not exist in Hong Kong. Literally.

One of my sisters think circle lenses look ridiculous, she thinks they're stupid because they look funny; I personally think they're cool as long as they're not super scary!

I have never bought circle lenses before so I didn't know which ones are good, which are too big/too small/ what they look like on etc etc~ so I was asking the sales girl as she was invading my space in the little stall that can only fit like 2 people in anyways, she kept asking me questions and shoving me like a contact lens catalogue with every one they sell in there.. ¬_¬ So she was just basically describing them to me saying which are the comfiest, bla bla bla. The only brand I know is GEO but I randomly chose MiMo ones.. because they were the first that I could see that were brown and didn't seem 'over the top'.. plus she was annoying me.

Cost me $160 for a pair O___O I didn't realise then I was like sheeeeep. Ohwells~
Bought them in Argyle in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. There's loads of other shops in there that sell lenses too but the majorly pretty, made up, skinny girls make me feel so self conscious so I bought from another shop.

Mine have prescription as.. I have glasses and know what degree thing I am. Vision isn't bad but it's nice being able to see clearly.

Omg this is such a long post already.

One eye with contacts and one without.. BIG DIFFERENCE! I couldn't fit it in my small eye and I was scared.. finally got it in and I started watering~ haii.

Diameter: 17.2 mm.. I think they're considered big? Well they certainly looked big in my eyes. Took me a few times to put them in because I put them on inside out and it wouldn't click in my eyeball.

What they looked like when I got them, some come in little glass jars as you know.

[Pictures before I stupidly decided to cut my long fringe that hairdresser cut for me. Big mistake].

Self camming a lot with them in.. and trying my hardest to become a nerd but I simply don't have the brains.

Overall, I'd say they're kind of comfy, but I can't really say because these are only my first pair i've tried.. I think I looked scary with them in although I do quite like them! I think I'll get smaller diameter next time. Also need to learn how to put on makeup. Fail.

Bit of a long post; sorry!

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  1. whoa 17.2mm? the average ones nowadays is like 15.5mm >< they look really nice though!

  2. Aww thank you! No wonder they seemed huge to fit into my eyes! LOL; inexperienced in this field you see D: x

  3. Your eyes are pretty the way they are =) Might be better for you to try circle lenses that are 14.5 to 15mm, they're a bit more natural looking but still has the enlargening effect. Try not to wear your 17.2 ones too much, they're hugeeee and I'm guessing they might dry out your eyes too much? Have you tried looking at online websites that sell circle lenses? The prices are okay but you get to take your time choosing/finding the right ones.

    Here's a thread in the Soompi Forums where a lot of people try out different brands and review them/you can see pictures.

    Hope it helps/you find one you like!

  4. @anonymous; thank you so much for the advice :) i think i will try the smaller ones next time, i had no idea they'd be that big! thank you again :) xx