Thursday, 18 August 2011

London Shopping 16/08/11

So me and a few close friends decided to go shopping the other day as they wanted to check out Forever21 and shop shop shop.

Got there inside decor was so nice! Clothes aren't very plain, it's like a store of H&M but more to choose from, more girly and for younger people i'd say.

Tried on 9 items, the sizing didn't really fit me personally, smalls were a bit big and shapeless on me, eventhough I'm quite big and usually like to buy bigger clothing, but it fit my friends well. I think I prefer much plainer clothes as I am a pretty plain person.

Frozen yoghurt from Wasabi :) and Matcha ice cream

Then decided to pig out on a ice cream waffle followed by Pizza Hut!

As soon as I saw these, I loved them! I picked them up thinking they'd still be around £35 on sale but it turns out they were £20! Urban Outfitter's good sale :D

Bought 2 pairs of shoes on sale from Urban Outfitters and a sweater with open shoulders in Forever21.
Feet were hurting real bad from the blisters on the soles of my feet and my weight pushing down on them! Every time we stopped and looked at things, i'd stand like this or on my heels to relieve the pain! Then decided to change wedges to my new ones; they're slightly higher I think but it's better to get my feet into something else!

Outfit of the day as seen before, told you i'll be wearing it every day! LOL.


  1. great purchases!
    are those tan wedges jeffrey campbells?

  2. @Davina, they're copies of them from HK, the real ones have a wooden wedge! xx