Monday, 29 August 2011

H&M Mini Mini Spree... Again.

Been out to shop quite a few times since i've come back from Hong Kong and not actually bought anything apart from a sweater and a pair of wedges [think I put them in previous post, I'm not sure]. Nothing really appealed to me in H&M but as Mum was taking ages looking for stuff in there, I thought i'd look again to find stuff.. came out with these.

These are just different ways to wear.. not that i'd wear wedges out often but I love them.. kinda go with everything. I'm aware the knitted top is a bit seethrough. Sorry. Could not be bothered to go and change, as you can see from my face I really don't care right now.

Plain Jane.
Add a bag~
Tuck it in.
Look frumpy..
Look weird.
Find a random [silk] scarf, roll it up and tie it. I have no ribbon to make a bow, but you can buy the neck bow-ties in shops now.
Look round.
Look frumpy.
Wait.. I think this is the same as the top pic. D=
So these are all I bought. Just realised I'm missing the white shirt with the black collar and lining.

All from H&M. The mauve-y coloured leggings and the black ones are actually a suede-y texture; they've got a zip and button underneath just incase the zip flies open. Plain white knitted jumper/top was in the sale section.. but turns out it wasn't ¬_¬ got that in a Large, might find a Medium. + the white shirt is in a large too because S and M were too short for me to wear with leggings/tights underneath.

Total buy of 5 items, £61.50.

Ta-daaaaa. Requests for posts in my formspring please :)

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