Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Loose Waves

Been really fed up with my hair lately because it's so long and flat. Just need a new style! Want to cut it around shoulder length and dye it brown.. but is that too much?

Had my hair like this quite a lot now; blogged about it before last year which you can find here : http://misssallyho.blogspot.com/2010/06/beachy-waves.html .

I tend to do it a bit twirl it tighter now so the waves last a bit longer as my hair can go completely straight again within a few hours [how annoying].

LOL before I look this picture I had to poof it up LOADS [yes, that is a lot] it went back flat within 5 seconds].


  1. have you tried using trevor sorbie's curling cream? It's my favourite one, it's not greasy and it holds really well.
    I'm oriental and my hair's really stubborn too. When I curl it with curling tongs/straighteners/do the bun thing, it goes flat in 20 minutes but when I use this it keeps the wave in and it smells really nice =)

  2. @anonymous, no i haven't! thank you for sharing, i'll try it out, sounds good! xx