Monday, 27 June 2011

Diptic + Instagram - iPhone Apps

App for iPhone, not sure if you can get it on android or other servers too~
Sister used this to edit her photos and got me into it! You use Instagram to upload pictures and you can edit them by different effects that are given and you can change your own contrast/borders etc. You can find and follow your friends, like photos and it's like a mini Facebook for photos really..

Diptic allows you to choose different layouts, for example you can have three photos together set up differently, two photos side by side etc, you just select or take a photo and then move it into the space where you want it in the layout, then add effects and save.

The original photos above and below:

Used Diptic to choose my layout and place photos in the place I wanted.Followed by editing it on Instagram.

I used Diptic first and then I used Instagram to edit the lighting/effect and border, followed by uploading it :)

Both of the apps cost £1.99 if I remember correctly.

If you get Instagram or already have it, add/follow me! it's Salskiii [as usual :)]

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  1. Oo! Great app! I'm going to download it now! Ill add you :)

    Chloe @ Cinnamontan