Monday, 27 June 2011

Diptic + Instagram - iPhone Apps

App for iPhone, not sure if you can get it on android or other servers too~
Sister used this to edit her photos and got me into it! You use Instagram to upload pictures and you can edit them by different effects that are given and you can change your own contrast/borders etc. You can find and follow your friends, like photos and it's like a mini Facebook for photos really..

Diptic allows you to choose different layouts, for example you can have three photos together set up differently, two photos side by side etc, you just select or take a photo and then move it into the space where you want it in the layout, then add effects and save.

The original photos above and below:

Used Diptic to choose my layout and place photos in the place I wanted.Followed by editing it on Instagram.

I used Diptic first and then I used Instagram to edit the lighting/effect and border, followed by uploading it :)

Both of the apps cost £1.99 if I remember correctly.

If you get Instagram or already have it, add/follow me! it's Salskiii [as usual :)]

OOTD - 27/06/11

I had a induction day to go to and I didn't want to wear uniform as I look really stupid in it, my school shoes are ghey and it's boiling hot.
Bought this black dress along with a pink tunic the other day from H&M and I didn't like them. Was going to change them both.. but in desperate times.. I had to just go with this :(
Added my sister's scarf and the usual school bag.
I really need new shoes. As you may have noticed I always wear either these or the ballet pumps.. oh gosh.

Black dress - £19.99
Purple skull scarf - Alexander McQueen - £140

OOTD - 24/06/11

Already posted these on Tumblr, but here they are again :) oh~ and this is what I wore in the previous post..
Pink top - Topshop - £18
Light wash high waisted shorts - River Island - £25
Ballet pumps - Topshop - £18
Red bag - Louis Vuitton Noe [Epi Leather] {this is about 20 + years old now, it's my Mum's nappy bag!}

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

River Island Purchases

Found these while in store the other day, really liked this dress -which I thought was a playsuit at first, but it wasn't! Then I found these shorts; been trying to look for a nice pair that fit, look quite nice, are high waisted and the size doesn't depress me! Perfect :D I admit that they're a bit short.. but they didn't have the next size up on the line, so I just got that size and i'm rather happy with it :D


White layered dress - £26.99
Light wash high waisted shorts - £25 [Chelsea Girl section]
Both from River Island

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Miss KG Hamilton Peach Heels

Seen these for quite a while now and I didn't really like them at first.. thought they looked a bit cheap and OTT, but now I loveee them! :)

They're around 5.5/6" high with like a 1/1.5" platform if I remember correctly. Going to have a tough time walking in these trying not to look stupid or fall over! Keep practicing! =]

They were all sold out in the peach colour in Miss KG [only found in Debenhams] so sister introduced me to where they have a lot of heels there~ plenty of stock!

Originally £80. Now reduced to £65. Glad I waited that extra day to order them, £15 off! Delivery charge was £3.99 for standard and it came the next day!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

OH the Powers of Makeup heh~

What a difference makeup makes.
Silly huh. Why can't I look like this everyday of my life.

Those above were taken with beauty shot mode on my camera. Stupid how I only look like that with a inch of make up on + beauty shot. Even without beauty shot I still look quite gross.
Below is from my phone and I only like that camera because it's not that clear and kinda blurry! :)

Maxi Dresses

Too short for maxi dresses? Maybe.. but I'm pretty sure some of us short people can pull them off.. I don't know whether I suit them or not because I have huge hips and I'm fairly short. Tried some on before .. mehhh.

Black one I tried on a few months ago~ sister actually bought that one. Wear it with a lace waistcoat or lots of people wear them with denim jackets/cardigans.

I personally can't get V neck maxis because... I have a large chest LOL. I did quite like this floral one, though.
Don't think the black one really suits me.. Look too old and.. shapeless.

Both maxi dresses: H&M

Loose Waves

Been really fed up with my hair lately because it's so long and flat. Just need a new style! Want to cut it around shoulder length and dye it brown.. but is that too much?

Had my hair like this quite a lot now; blogged about it before last year which you can find here : .

I tend to do it a bit twirl it tighter now so the waves last a bit longer as my hair can go completely straight again within a few hours [how annoying].

LOL before I look this picture I had to poof it up LOADS [yes, that is a lot] it went back flat within 5 seconds].

Thursday, 9 June 2011

LaLaLaLaLaLaLa~ --- My Tumblr --- Formspring me! I haven't had any questions in ageeees *cries*


Half Term Buys

So last week was half term and me, sisters and Mum went Bluewater ~ bought this playsuit, it feels so nice and silky :) [polyester] has like a Peter Pan collar with a bow in the middle.

Ahaha~ pink and blue. These are also the silky polyester material. I saw the pink shorts with a scalloped hem/bottom but when I went back to find them, I could only find these.

Tried them on; don't really like them, look really odd on my shape. Going to take them back, look a bit like jogging wear.

Peachy/ nude playsuit : £35 [reduced from £50] - Urban Outfitters.
Blue top: £26.99 - River Island.
Pink shorts: £19.99 - River Island.

[Sorry about sister's mega dusty mirror]