Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

01/05/11 OOTD

Wore this out for Laura's birthday when we went to eat sushi at Sushi Hiroba in London~

Sheer peachy/nude/ baby pink top - Topshop [ borrowed from my sister]
Vest top - Topshop - £10
Wedges - Primark - £18
Belt - H+M - £2.99

First Pair Of Wedges..

Ookay, these are actually my first pair of wedges that are mine. Usually just try on sisters ones and walk around the house in them because if I buy a pair... I'd still have nowhere to wear them to *sigh*. Mmm~ first time wearing heels/wedges out too... yus........

I'm quite... [insert the word] that they are from Primark.. -____- to be honest, I'm kind of a Primark-phobe. The most i'll buy from Primark are tights for school and plain black hairbands. I guess, in desperate times, I have to go to extreme lengths. [Not that I have anything wrong with Primark..because they do sometimes have quite nice stuff; it's just that EVERYONE wears the same and it's like CLONE CLONE CLONE CLONE. Get what I mean?]

I originally wanted a pair from Urban Outfitters but they were £85 and I was not willing to pay that for a pair of wedges that I'd hardly wear or have anywhere to wear them TO. First saw them on Tumblr and then I went on a search for a similar pair-- found a pair in Miss Selfridge but they had studs on the side, then really liked the Urban Outfitter ones.... then found these Primark ones but didn't particularly like the buckle at the front.. so tempted to cut them off!

The pair I first saw on Tumblr and realllyyyyy wanted but couldn't find~

THEN I FOUND THEM IN URBAN OUTFITTERS! [sold out now so I had to find another site that had a picture of them].

Walked around London and the underground and blah in these. Done okay I suppose xD considering i've never worn heels out.. let alone travelling on trains etc. Was so tempted to take them off but I was on a carriage full of men.. guess not. Well... I kinda tripped down the stairs at West Ham while trying to text. Not good. Walked a bit like I was drunk most of the time, calves popping out and blah D= Getting off trains with a big gap.. holding on for dear life on the bars while people stare at you like HURRY UP. [SORRY -__- JUST DON'T WANNA FALL YOU KNOW].

Not exactly the ones I wanted, but they had to do, cheap, last pair in my size, comfortable.. similar to the ones I wanted [just the buckle =____=]. Yarrr~

Mm~ so these are Primark, £18, comes in black colour too and are 4.5/5 inches high. I must say.. they're really comfortable though! :D