Monday, 18 April 2011

HM Plain Jersey Dress

Yerrrr, my new favourite dress but the only thing is.. it's BLACK! I used to have like no item of clothing that was black and now I have quite a lot D:

Like the shape of it but like when I wear it, OH GOSH. it goes flying everywhere because I have big hips and my arm flab. HAVE to wear a cardigan/ jacket on top to make it look better :)

Been wearing my denim jacket like everyday since the sun came out a bit haha. BARGAINS FROM HK xD loove loooveeee ♥

Plain black jersey dress - £7.99 [ahem. BARGAIN no. 2] - HM
Denim jacket - Hong Kong - Maple [LOVE THAT SHOP].
Plaited tan belt - £2.99 [BARGAIN no. 3] - HM
Pink cardigan - bought from Zara kids a few years ago.
Heart suspender tights... again... - £8.50 -Topshop

[ HM = H and M.. blogger wouldn't allow me to put in the 'and' sign =___=]

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