Monday, 18 April 2011

Bits and Bobs

So when I'd finished all my moisturisers from HK, scraping them out of the pots, I had to search for a new one. This No7 one was advertising in boots and I decided to try it out.
I DID NOT LIKE. Was not moisturising at ALL. Made my face greasier more quickly and it made such a thin layer that dried up instantly. Only bought it because it had all this SPF stuff! Do not recommend.

Then my sister sent me a picture of this FADE OUT and said it was really good from what it said on the pack. OH YES. Ticked all my boxes as to what I want/needed in my moisturiser:
" Fade Out is specially developed for:
1. Ageing skin - sun spots, age spots and ageing skin.
2. Skin brightening - skin renewal and even skin tone.
3. Sun damaged skin - with freckles or uneven skin tone.

In just 4 weeks areas of pigmentation will be significantly lighter, the natural brightness will be revealed and overall skin tone will be more even. "

It took me quite a while finding this in store because it was sold out in quite a few Boots stores.

Woahhh. SPF 15 as well. not bad for UK seeing as their idea of SPF is like SPF 8 whereas in HK, like all moisturisers and everything are generally around SPF 30-60! Need to stock up on my SPF50.

I've been using this for around 2-3 weeks now and to be honest, there's not much of a difference YET. Maybe it's because I should use the night cream and eye cream too but still.. Main reason for buying this was for my freckles on my nose to fade down a bit, they're so bad! And the uneven skin tone...and... more freckles.

I'm not too fussed about this cream because it IS quite moisturising eventhough it comes out only a thin layer and has a SPF. Enough for me. HOWEVER...

IT STINKS. IT SMELLS. I really dislike the smell. I didn't think it was too bad at first but sister was saying it smelt "granny". When I tried it in the morning for the first time, oh my. I personally think it smells of rubbish bins, the vegetable bins. I'm sort of used to it now but I must warn you, it smells real bad. Someone said it smells like yoghurt, though... I disagree!

I'll keep using this until I go back to HK and see if there's an improvement :)


Sister introduced me to this too! I first read about this on Emyli's blog, in which I have been reading for around 2 and a bit years [?]. Her blog is amazing. [] - she used to have a lot more blog posts from her Xanga; i'm not sure if she's transferring them over or... yeah.

I use this to uhm "freshen" up my face in the morning after I have washed it and just before I put on moisturiser. Spritz it over my face, wait for it to dry / slap your face a few times, then apply moisturiser. Perfect sized bottle to take on holiday too when you're feeling a bit hot and sweaty! xD

Evian facial mist spray - around £4 for 50ml.

I had a lot of spots on my forehead last month, I'm not sure whether it was my diet or... but I was grossed out and decided to [going to sound gross].. let them grow and then squeezed my spots until they bleed watery blood/blood. xD what my Mother taught me HAHAHa-- eventhough she tells me off for squeezing them now. Yes, now I have like 5 spot scars on my forehead! I'm pretty sure I get my spots in the same place every time =___= I don't think I should sqeeze my spots again; I get tempted to though because they're huge, ugly and look very poppable :D

Wanted a cream wash as the exfoliating ones will make my skin thinner than it already is [I have very thin skin]. This made my face feel nice and fresh and smelt nice too :) .. Don't think anything will replace / get better than my Shiseido Milky Face Wash though :]

Neutrogena visibly clear prink grapefruit cream wash - around £5.

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