Wednesday, 27 April 2011


OOTD -- wear the same things every time so like.. I don't need to say where I bought the stuff.. SAME THING SAME THING. Yarrrs.

Really liked this but without my hair down, the top bit was really ... big... from the frills.

What Sandara Park wore on one of her photoshoots :) wanted to buy it JUST because she had it =D but it really didn't look right on me.. too frumpy-- especially side-view!

Ended up buying this dress but.. I tried it on again when I came home and realised my hips are FREAKING GINORMOUS. Eugh. Looks gross. Might change it.. as I do with like 97% of the clothes I buy =/

That's it for naows~

Monday, 18 April 2011

More Topshop

In the changing rooms.. AGAIN. HAAHA. Just wanna buy too much from here!
Need some shorts, don't fit in any of my old ones.. and these ones I tried on look like the buttons are going to pop off. Refuse to get a bigger size >=[

How. Depressing.

Really want the love bones tee. Because.. I LOVE BONES. okay, and it looks like a Wildfox top.

Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam

Have been using this cleanser for quite a while now, once again, I saw this on Emyli's blog when she used the milk version [mine's a foam]. It removes makeup realllyyyyy well. Well, from what I've experienced anyways haha.

How to use:
1. Squeeze suitable amount of this into your palms [I use around 2 pea sized blobs].
2. Add a bit of water and rub into a foam until it goes all poufie and thick.
3. Massage onto face and rub.
4. Wash off with warm water.

That's how I use it. I suppose you can also just rub it onto your face and then lather it up.

So last Sunday [10/04/11] I cut my sister's fringe; was actually hilarious xD. Then she decided to put makeup on me and maybe do like a "prom look" for my prom.. she wanted to test out different looks on me... I actually really liked it, except from the powder part D= Eeeee~

No, I do NOT look like this on a daily basis. NO WHERE EVEN NEAR. I look really ugly on the daily basis. Small, bare eyes, freckly uneven skin, moody, bushman eyebrows [you can see in the pictures], crooked nose with a huge red ruptured freckle in the center -___- and yeah. wrinkles...the list goes on.

Those photos were also taken with Beauty Shot on which made my skin look "flawless" or shall I say... have less flaws. My freckles seemed lighter, but you can still see the brown-ness in the centre of my nose which is actually a freckle. Smoothed out my skin and my NOSE! LOL. Thanks, camera.

And another photo wearing makeup which went terribly wrong. Yup. I applied that myself ROFLMAO, you can tell how inexperienced I am, the un-evenness! I actually do not like that photo anymore. More I look at it, the more I want to be sick.

So yeah. That cleanser is truly amazing :) one wash with ALL the makeup on [I had quite a LOT on in the first few pictures] and makeup was all gone.

Shiseido Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam - HKD80. - Hong Kong.
You can also purchase this online too, if you want to try it out :) - trying out old clothes the other day too see if they still fit my fatso body.

Questions? Formspring me. Link's on the side. ♥

Bits and Bobs

So when I'd finished all my moisturisers from HK, scraping them out of the pots, I had to search for a new one. This No7 one was advertising in boots and I decided to try it out.
I DID NOT LIKE. Was not moisturising at ALL. Made my face greasier more quickly and it made such a thin layer that dried up instantly. Only bought it because it had all this SPF stuff! Do not recommend.

Then my sister sent me a picture of this FADE OUT and said it was really good from what it said on the pack. OH YES. Ticked all my boxes as to what I want/needed in my moisturiser:
" Fade Out is specially developed for:
1. Ageing skin - sun spots, age spots and ageing skin.
2. Skin brightening - skin renewal and even skin tone.
3. Sun damaged skin - with freckles or uneven skin tone.

In just 4 weeks areas of pigmentation will be significantly lighter, the natural brightness will be revealed and overall skin tone will be more even. "

It took me quite a while finding this in store because it was sold out in quite a few Boots stores.

Woahhh. SPF 15 as well. not bad for UK seeing as their idea of SPF is like SPF 8 whereas in HK, like all moisturisers and everything are generally around SPF 30-60! Need to stock up on my SPF50.

I've been using this for around 2-3 weeks now and to be honest, there's not much of a difference YET. Maybe it's because I should use the night cream and eye cream too but still.. Main reason for buying this was for my freckles on my nose to fade down a bit, they're so bad! And the uneven skin tone...and... more freckles.

I'm not too fussed about this cream because it IS quite moisturising eventhough it comes out only a thin layer and has a SPF. Enough for me. HOWEVER...

IT STINKS. IT SMELLS. I really dislike the smell. I didn't think it was too bad at first but sister was saying it smelt "granny". When I tried it in the morning for the first time, oh my. I personally think it smells of rubbish bins, the vegetable bins. I'm sort of used to it now but I must warn you, it smells real bad. Someone said it smells like yoghurt, though... I disagree!

I'll keep using this until I go back to HK and see if there's an improvement :)


Sister introduced me to this too! I first read about this on Emyli's blog, in which I have been reading for around 2 and a bit years [?]. Her blog is amazing. [] - she used to have a lot more blog posts from her Xanga; i'm not sure if she's transferring them over or... yeah.

I use this to uhm "freshen" up my face in the morning after I have washed it and just before I put on moisturiser. Spritz it over my face, wait for it to dry / slap your face a few times, then apply moisturiser. Perfect sized bottle to take on holiday too when you're feeling a bit hot and sweaty! xD

Evian facial mist spray - around £4 for 50ml.

I had a lot of spots on my forehead last month, I'm not sure whether it was my diet or... but I was grossed out and decided to [going to sound gross].. let them grow and then squeezed my spots until they bleed watery blood/blood. xD what my Mother taught me HAHAHa-- eventhough she tells me off for squeezing them now. Yes, now I have like 5 spot scars on my forehead! I'm pretty sure I get my spots in the same place every time =___= I don't think I should sqeeze my spots again; I get tempted to though because they're huge, ugly and look very poppable :D

Wanted a cream wash as the exfoliating ones will make my skin thinner than it already is [I have very thin skin]. This made my face feel nice and fresh and smelt nice too :) .. Don't think anything will replace / get better than my Shiseido Milky Face Wash though :]

Neutrogena visibly clear prink grapefruit cream wash - around £5.

HM Plain Jersey Dress

Yerrrr, my new favourite dress but the only thing is.. it's BLACK! I used to have like no item of clothing that was black and now I have quite a lot D:

Like the shape of it but like when I wear it, OH GOSH. it goes flying everywhere because I have big hips and my arm flab. HAVE to wear a cardigan/ jacket on top to make it look better :)

Been wearing my denim jacket like everyday since the sun came out a bit haha. BARGAINS FROM HK xD loove loooveeee ♥

Plain black jersey dress - £7.99 [ahem. BARGAIN no. 2] - HM
Denim jacket - Hong Kong - Maple [LOVE THAT SHOP].
Plaited tan belt - £2.99 [BARGAIN no. 3] - HM
Pink cardigan - bought from Zara kids a few years ago.
Heart suspender tights... again... - £8.50 -Topshop

[ HM = H and M.. blogger wouldn't allow me to put in the 'and' sign =___=]

SNOG Frozen Yoghurts

My sister got me into these, I LOVE FROZEN YOGHURTS.
Usually go to the one in a shopping centre near me and have strawberries and oreos.
SNOG is the most popular one for frozen yoghurt and has other branches around the country-- I normally go to Westfield one seeing as I hardly go out LOL.
Strawberries + Oreos + MOCHI. ♥

Going to attempt to make mochi before this half term ends!

22/03/11 Printed Leggings

Yup. Not updated this blog in yonks cause I don't have many readers LOL. but yeah, I guess you know I love trying on stuff because:
1. I can't afford it.
2. I have other things to buy.
3. I probably won't wear it because i'm not brave enough.
4. I wouldn't know how to put the outfit together...

Hahaha xD well, I saw these marble-y coloured leggings on Lookbook and it circulated Tumblr. Anastasia S I think she is called, from her Lookbook. She has amazing outfits! And if only the top was loose and big, my butt stuck out BIG TIME. Ew.

Tried the leggings on with this top.. If only I could pull these leggings off! :( My thighs were jiggling and what shoes would you wear?! TOMS, sandals, Converse.. D= ? I don't even have a clue.

Marble-y leggings - Topshop - around £20
Top - Topshop - around £20