Friday, 25 February 2011

My Daily Skincare Routine

As requested from a anon formspringer~

Well, to be honest, I don't actually do much...

Wake up in the morning, wash face with flannel and cold water~ that's it :)

After this, I put on moisturiser/ SPF if needed on top - usually use a OLAY white radiance SPF 20 moisturiser {8} [but I ran out, so I now use GARNIER light SPF 15 moisturiser {1} ] and if it's sunny, I apply sunscreen- Neutrogena SPF 50+ {5}

While showering, I cleanse my face with Shiseido Milky Cleanser {4}- squirt about 2 pea sized drops on hand, add a bit of water, lather up and apply on face. Wash with warm water. I did use Sewame Youthful White Radiance Cleanser {7} before I ran out and I really liked it, smelt really nice~ kinda flowery in a way and didn't leave my skin feeling tight.

Then before I go sleep, I put on a cream.. I usually alternate and change between which ones I want to depending on how my skin feels. --I've kind of run out of my creams so I have to stick with ones I have left.
- My favourite cream for the night is Laneige Plus White Renewal Cream {3} -- ran out..
- Once I ran out of that, I used OLAY White Radiance night cream {9}..
- Then I finished up Laneige Water Bank Cream 2_EX {2} which i find is quite hydrating.. but doesn't last that long.
- I then finished that... now I am back to what I used to wear -- Laneige Water Sleeping Pack {2} -- but I don't find it as hydrating for my skin as I used to~
- When I feel my face needs a bit of repairing as I have lots of dry patches or just generally want baby soft skin, I smother Oronine Ointment {6} on my face and wash off in the morning with water. Warning: it's quite sticky and your hair just glues to your face xD

And there, the cycle starts again~

- Long post, sorry! [and apologies for the small numbering on the photo, didn't realise it would come out that small D: ]


  1. Don't do much ?!?!
    Who are you kidding, that is a massive routine !

  2. hahahaha, it's actually not that much to me! my mum puts on waaayyy more skincare products!