Friday, 25 February 2011

Barry M Nail Effects

Saw friend a few posts of people I follow and a friend who posted a picture of them wearing this Barry M nail effects nail varnish and thought it was quite cool =)

So yesterday, decided to buy some from Boots -- bought 4 in the end -- 2 colours, a base coat/ top coat and the black nail effects one [only comes in one colour].

1. Apply base coat onto nails.
2. Choose a colour to paint your nails, this will be the colour under the black nail effect.
3. Apply ONE layer of the nail effects just as you would apply normal nail varnish; or only paint where you want for a different look or something..
4. "Watch the magic happen" so it says on the little instructions tag. The black starts to like split and separate.
5. Apply top coat to set the nails and prevent from scratches la la la.

--To be honest, I hardly ever wear nail varnish, I''m useless at painting my nails, goes everywhere and my nails are so fat, short and square- they look like a 7 year old's nails ==" therefore, I am no expert in nail stuff or anything and my nails [seen above] look a bit O___O.

- Barry M Nail Effects - £3.99
- Base coat/ top coat - £2.99
- Pink colour - £2.99
- Lilac colour -£2.99

In Boots, they are selling all Barry M nail varnishes at 2 for £10. Mahahaha >:]

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