Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Urban Outfitters

After school, my sister decided to head to Bluewater with me :)
We have a thing for frozen yoghurts~ we usually get them from Yog in Lakeside because it's closest to me-- but sometimes it's creamy and not sour yoghurty! Love SNOG ones as well! mmm~

I first saw the leopard print cross tee back in like September-ish when shopping in London with my friends but never bought myself to buy it because of the price!
Found this other top-- bought it too-- although i'm not a vegetarian LOL. It says "Meat Is Murder" ROFL. Feel bad because I actually eat meat! But I am in need of Tees! [Sorry for blurry picture!]

Had to change my Levis shorts from Urban Outfitters because they were depressing-- my thighs etc. just looked huge and disgusting in them!

Spent around 45 minutes in there~ looove it sooo much!

Seeing as I changed my shorts~ I decided to buy it for this tee instead~ LOVE IT! The size i'm trying in the picture is a Medium because I HATE small, tight tops and I absolutely LOVE big clothing [ tops ]-- so JUST when I was about to buy it and the man was doing my exchange, I quickly changed it to a Large. At first, when me and sister first saw it, it looked SOO TINY and the shape didn't look very nice~ but when we tried it on, we fell in love :)

REALLY wanted that reddish long cardigan as well~ I loooveeeed it! It was expensive for me though, and I was too scared to spend around £100 on three items [yes, that's expensive for me]-- I was guilty just for spending £52 on two tee shirts! --Still AM guilty.

Where to buy:
White short sleeve tee with leopard print cross - Urban Outfitters- £30 [also in black].
"Meat Is Murder" white short sleeve tee - Urban Outfitters - £20 [sale from £32].
Reddish-brown long cardigan - Urban Outfitters - £48.

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