Monday, 24 January 2011

Random Shopping~

Soo, after achool, me and my sister went to go for a bit of "shopping" -- I needed to change things from Christmas but it is welllllllll past the 30 day policy! Ended up having to get credit notes =___=.

Here's what I bought :)
Oh-- my hips are so freaking huge and disgusting =___= HATE IT. Depressing.

Navy dress with daisies on it~

The four things altogether~

[Not sure about the shorts, think I might change to smaller size-- or just change it completely-- not sure if I like them anymore!]
A bracelet [left] and I LOVE this heart thing~ you can wear it in your hair, as a necklace and also as a bracelet--
One way of wearing it-- but I don't think this is how it's supposed to be! I think you're meant to put it over your forehead-- it looks gay on me when I do it because my hair and face just don't go together O.O

Ta- Daaa~

Where to buy:
Navy Daisy Dress- Topshop - £28
Navy Floral Shorts- New Look - £16.99 [I think~ it was around that price]
Bracelet with Bird [?] - Freedom for Topshop - £6.50
Heart Necklace/ Bracelet/ Headband - Freedom for Topshop - £7.50

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