Friday, 21 January 2011


Spring time! I went Bluewater the other week after school, this TOP really attracted me, but shame it's a top :( if it was a dress, it would be perfect! It's like denim with floral pattern on it, it has a heart neckline at the front but at the back it has like a big hole-- I like it -- but what are you meant to wear underneath?! If it was longer and was a dress -- ♥

Wanted this cardigan wayy back in September and I found this new colour! I LOOOVE the colour, I wanted to eat it, looked like a raspberry sorbet or something IDK but it looked sooo good :)

If you know me, you know I love covering up in big cardigans--

URBAN OUTFITTERS! Love it sooo much, if only i could just raid the shop for free :(
Bought those high waisted shorts underneath-- they're LEVI'S and were only £30! Decided I do not like them though, they make my thighs look huge and my bum just sticks out ='[ need to change them soon -- but I hardly go Bluewater any more [even though it's only like 20 mins away].

Floral denim top - Topshop - £28
Sherbert-y pink chunky cardi - £65 - Urban Outfitters
Tee - [sisters :) -- All Saints]
Shorts - £30 - Urban Outfitters - Levi's

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