Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I have had tumblr since June~ but never started properly using until September-- [I think?]

YARRR~ have been sooo addicted ever since-- reblogging all the looks/styles/ things I like/ look pretty/ what inspire me whatever--

Tumblin' since September :)
Check-- Check-- Check it out ;)

Tumblr is seriously THE BEST. But so damn addictive D=

Urban Outfitters

After school, my sister decided to head to Bluewater with me :)
We have a thing for frozen yoghurts~ we usually get them from Yog in Lakeside because it's closest to me-- but sometimes it's creamy and not sour yoghurty! Love SNOG ones as well! mmm~

I first saw the leopard print cross tee back in like September-ish when shopping in London with my friends but never bought myself to buy it because of the price!
Found this other top-- bought it too-- although i'm not a vegetarian LOL. It says "Meat Is Murder" ROFL. Feel bad because I actually eat meat! But I am in need of Tees! [Sorry for blurry picture!]

Had to change my Levis shorts from Urban Outfitters because they were depressing-- my thighs etc. just looked huge and disgusting in them!

Spent around 45 minutes in there~ looove it sooo much!

Seeing as I changed my shorts~ I decided to buy it for this tee instead~ LOVE IT! The size i'm trying in the picture is a Medium because I HATE small, tight tops and I absolutely LOVE big clothing [ tops ]-- so JUST when I was about to buy it and the man was doing my exchange, I quickly changed it to a Large. At first, when me and sister first saw it, it looked SOO TINY and the shape didn't look very nice~ but when we tried it on, we fell in love :)

REALLY wanted that reddish long cardigan as well~ I loooveeeed it! It was expensive for me though, and I was too scared to spend around £100 on three items [yes, that's expensive for me]-- I was guilty just for spending £52 on two tee shirts! --Still AM guilty.

Where to buy:
White short sleeve tee with leopard print cross - Urban Outfitters- £30 [also in black].
"Meat Is Murder" white short sleeve tee - Urban Outfitters - £20 [sale from £32].
Reddish-brown long cardigan - Urban Outfitters - £48.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Random Shopping~

Soo, after achool, me and my sister went to go for a bit of "shopping" -- I needed to change things from Christmas but it is welllllllll past the 30 day policy! Ended up having to get credit notes =___=.

Here's what I bought :)
Oh-- my hips are so freaking huge and disgusting =___= HATE IT. Depressing.

Navy dress with daisies on it~

The four things altogether~

[Not sure about the shorts, think I might change to smaller size-- or just change it completely-- not sure if I like them anymore!]
A bracelet [left] and I LOVE this heart thing~ you can wear it in your hair, as a necklace and also as a bracelet--
One way of wearing it-- but I don't think this is how it's supposed to be! I think you're meant to put it over your forehead-- it looks gay on me when I do it because my hair and face just don't go together O.O

Ta- Daaa~

Where to buy:
Navy Daisy Dress- Topshop - £28
Navy Floral Shorts- New Look - £16.99 [I think~ it was around that price]
Bracelet with Bird [?] - Freedom for Topshop - £6.50
Heart Necklace/ Bracelet/ Headband - Freedom for Topshop - £7.50

Friday, 21 January 2011

Hair Routine

As requested on my Formspring 2 months ago [sorry! didn't realise it had been soo long].

Right, I wash my hair around 3 times a week because I'm too lazy D:
- Usually Sunday evening so it's clean for school in the morning, then Wednesday [I know, it's a long gap!], then usually Friday or Saturday.

Inbetween those washes, I use baby powder-- which I personally find AMAZING. ♥ [I find it better than dry shampoo].
Usually only use it the second day after washing because the morning after washing is normally fine~

To wash my hair, I use Body Shop's ginger [anti-dandruff] shampoo -- LOVE this, it's soo good!
- Unfortunately, they do not sell it any more because they have a new range~ I'm still using bottles we bought before they stopped selling them because Mum stocked up on a few :) I don't know what I'm going to use when we run out!

I massage the shampoo into my scalp/roots/ whatever it's called and itch the itchy patches on my head :D
Rinse it out thoroughly [until when you run your fingers in your hair, it squeaks].
Then I apply conditioner, I use Pantene Repair and Protect. I only rub it in the TIPS of my hair.
DO NOT put it in your roots unless you are going for the greasy effect ;) -- especially if you have a fringe, it looks like your hair is super greasy!

I then leave my hair in the towel [kind of wrapped in a turban] for around 10 minutes [usually put on a mask or pluck my eyebrows within this time] and then dry it with the towel briefly.

I use a shower comb to brush my hair into place, then spray Tresemme Heat Defence into the tips/ bottom of my hair and again brush through with the shower comb.

Once hair is set into place, I blow dry it on medium speed for my fringe until it is dry, followed by full blast and full heat on the rest of my head.

When hair is dry, put the setting on the cold/lowest heat and blow it over whole head again until hair feels a bit cold -- this sets the hair in place.

Ta- daaaa~ there's my hair routine :)
[I posted ginger shampoo and baby powder blogs earlier on, just find it on the navigation on the right].

--I'm sorry there's no pictures on this post--

Cape Dress

While Christmas shopping, I stumbled across this dress that caught my attention. I love the shape of it-- but unfortunately, it had a hole in the back too :(
Ookay, I try things on but do not buy -- because I have nowhere to wear them out to! It didn't come cheap either, at £46 O___O.

White strappy cape dress - Topshop - £46.


Spring time! I went Bluewater the other week after school, this TOP really attracted me, but shame it's a top :( if it was a dress, it would be perfect! It's like denim with floral pattern on it, it has a heart neckline at the front but at the back it has like a big hole-- I like it -- but what are you meant to wear underneath?! If it was longer and was a dress -- ♥

Wanted this cardigan wayy back in September and I found this new colour! I LOOOVE the colour, I wanted to eat it, looked like a raspberry sorbet or something IDK but it looked sooo good :)

If you know me, you know I love covering up in big cardigans--

URBAN OUTFITTERS! Love it sooo much, if only i could just raid the shop for free :(
Bought those high waisted shorts underneath-- they're LEVI'S and were only £30! Decided I do not like them though, they make my thighs look huge and my bum just sticks out ='[ need to change them soon -- but I hardly go Bluewater any more [even though it's only like 20 mins away].

Floral denim top - Topshop - £28
Sherbert-y pink chunky cardi - £65 - Urban Outfitters
Tee - [sisters :) -- All Saints]
Shorts - £30 - Urban Outfitters - Levi's

It's been a while ;)

Hellooo there~ hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year :) sorry, it's been a long long while since my last blogpost! Just haven't been bothered and the "revision" .. hmm.

If you have any requests on what you want me to blog about, Formspring me or something--

[Picture: I ♥ HK tee- Giardano - $100]. The things I do when I'm meant to be revising D=
Yusss, I love HK. Anyone going back in the summer? Tell mee!

OOTD - 16/01/10

ookay - had no clothes :(
"Just-threw-whatever-I-could-find-on- look" xD

Chunky beige cardigan - Topshop - £48 [got this last Christmas].
Plain white 3/4 sleeve dress top - H&M - £7.99 [i think?]
Wing necklace - HK - MK [Argyle] - $20
Glittery pink Converse - HK - ? [sister actually bought them for her friend but never gave them to her-- so I took them >:]