Saturday, 20 November 2010


I had my hair cut during the half term because I couldn't stand my fringe no more!
Too short to put mehind my ear and too long to have it as a fringe! It had no shape either!
I'm terrible at the aftermath of haircuts, I love my hair being cut, I love the feeling of it! =D
But after the hair cut, I am like NOOO, why did I cut it~ then I moan and moan for days :\
Here it is~ I got layers put in and a side fringe, doesn't look that much different! I now cut my own fringe with the razor thing I bought :)

Box Of Goodies


Apart from my table of creams, I still have a stash of other stuff, like masks, samples and all that :)
I bought all the Sewame masks in Hong Kong in February and I only bought 2 more packs of masks when I went Hong Kong for summer because I still had lots left!

The two packs I bought in the summer are not Sewame ones, I don't know what they're called but the packaging is sooo cute! I bought a Hydrating mask set and a Brightening mask set, they come in a supply of 7 days, you're meant to use them everyday for 7 days and you should be able to see the difference. I haven't used them yet because I can never be bothered to mask everyday!

The samples are from when we buy HKD$000's of stuff from brands like Laneige, and some when I bought Missha products in February! I still haven't got round to using them!

I usually mask every Sunday using the Sewame ones after I have showered, washed my hair and my hair is all wrapped up :) I'll do another post on the masks later on :)

I mainly only bought the Sewame ones because they were cheap but still quite a known brand within HK, always on adverts and that.. So, here's my box of goodies :D

Okay, looking at these pictures, it doesn't look like I actually have much in these boxes!
Blog on these masks will be coming upppp :)

here we goo~

I'M BACK! hyeahhh ^^
and i don't know what to blog about!

Well, this is my "dressing table" well, it's a shelf thing LOL, just a place where I put my creams and that!
As you might know, I have a LOVE for bows, those above are all bow hairclips and hairbands xD
ZOMG, I just realised I might have blogged about this before O___O