Monday, 30 August 2010

Wired Bows/ Band Bows/ Pin Things

I really do not know what to name these things,...and I can't be bothered to make separate posts, so I'll put them all in one :)
Just a few more buys from HK...
Nautical-y things with a safety pin on the back so you can accessorise things such as...tops, cardigans, plain tees...
Hairbands that have a bow sort of thing on them, these bows with pointy bits are all over HK! Think Japan started the trend though.

Only bought two :(

The wired bunny ear/ bow thing! this was selling EVERYWHERE, all over the Japanese magazines too! So many styles in the mags, but not many ones I was looking for.

Just bought a few random ones.. don't think i'll be wearing some of them! Favourite ones are the denim ones...but they're too long.
Wrap it around your head and twist, or the longer ones you can tie a knot in it.

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  1. I've seen the last one before ^^...Didn't bubz use them ? :D