Monday, 30 August 2010

My Miracle Cream- Oronine Ointment

My Mum used to use this cream on us when we were babies....
Usually, we use it on dry skin and stuff, it can be used for almost any skin condition.. [Don't know where the box has gone, so i'll just stick to " can be used for almost any skin condition"...] =D

I rediscovered the wonders of this when I woke up one morning at like 5am (as we were about to go Beijing)...brushed teeth etc...and when I went to put cream on.. my face STUNG LIKE ___________. I gathered it was stinging the night before but thought nothing of it. I had no idea what was wrong with my skin. When I looked in the mirror MY FACE WAS PEELING! I had only a patch of this horrible pinky-red thing on my cheek and was really curious to find out what it was....still have no idea what it was but it was SO DISGUSTING. Picture of my cheek below..

The miracle cream that fixed my skin :)
Comes in a big pot, small pot and a tiny tube.
[The pots are quite heavy as they're like glass]

MY SKIN! with strands of my hair flying about =_=
It was the worst thing ever as I was just about to go on another holiday and woke up to this -_-

~~was embarassed to even look at people on our tour~~

Yeah, so when we got to the hotel and I had showered, I SMOTHERED my face with that cream. I covered my face so many times and my face was literally white from all of it!
-The cream has a very thick consistency and is very very sticky- when I woke up, my hair was stuck to my face.
= You can find Oronine Ointment in all the HK pharmacy shop things, I THINK you can also get them in some supermarkets too. Not sure how much they cost as my parents bought them.

Wired Bows/ Band Bows/ Pin Things

I really do not know what to name these things,...and I can't be bothered to make separate posts, so I'll put them all in one :)
Just a few more buys from HK...
Nautical-y things with a safety pin on the back so you can accessorise things such as...tops, cardigans, plain tees...
Hairbands that have a bow sort of thing on them, these bows with pointy bits are all over HK! Think Japan started the trend though.

Only bought two :(

The wired bunny ear/ bow thing! this was selling EVERYWHERE, all over the Japanese magazines too! So many styles in the mags, but not many ones I was looking for.

Just bought a few random ones.. don't think i'll be wearing some of them! Favourite ones are the denim ones...but they're too long.
Wrap it around your head and twist, or the longer ones you can tie a knot in it.

Elasticy Floppy Bows

Uh, I really do not know what to call these...
Came across them while shopping around in HK, they're every where!
I only bought two, should've bought more styles!
Really wanted a silky one with chain detailing on them, but couldn't find any >_<"

Make bows out of them...
...wrap them around your hair buns...
The only down side is that they are a bit too long for me, and are EXTREMELY floppy, so the bow just drops down on my head. Other than that, I love them :)