Thursday, 15 July 2010

Eyebrow Cutters

Once you've plucked your eyebrows, tamed them or finally reshaped them, there are always hairs that are too long and make your eyebrows look ancient. I found these eyebrow cutters in Hong Kong last summer but I didn't get I got them in February when I went HK.
The built in comb makes it easier to control the hairs and keep them in place. Use them like normal scissors but using the comb, comb the hairs upwards and then cut once the bottom of the comb has reached over the top of the shape of the eyebrow. -I just didn't make sense again-. They have good diagrams on the back of the packaging.
What's even better about these are that they come in a left handed pair and a right handed pair ( for both left handers and right handers).
Eyebrow cutters: SaSa- $58

Ginger Shampoo

Dandruff problems?
I've been using this shampoo for quite a long time now, and it atually does seem to ged rid of dandruff if you use it more often! We ran out a few weeks ago so I went back to using Pantene and my dandruff just came back! I like the gingery smell of this, some people can't stand it though.

Use like a normal shampoo, and rub/massage it into scalp until your whole head is covered, then wash it until your hair is squeaky clean. Might need to use this a two or three times before it works.

This bottle lasts quite long and it is £8 a bottle for 400ml or £12 for two bottles of either shampoos or conditioners. They're currently getting a new range, so these will be demolished, so...£4 a bottle now! Better buy before they die.

Ginger shampoo: The Body Shop- £4 atm.