Thursday, 24 June 2010

Heat Defence Sprays

Been using heat defence sprays for my hair for quite a long time now and I usually use this Pantene one as I used to use Pantene shampoos/conditioners. I love the smell of Pantene products, they all smell the same! However, the smell of this one doesn't last that long, it will be gone like the next day.

After a a year or so with Pantene ones, I decided it's time for a change, I saw in a magazine that the Pantene one wasn't really that good for protection...

So, I found this one! A Charles Worthington one. The smell of this is so fruity! The fruityness stays on for quite a long time too! I love i love. Even got people to smell my hair cause I love it so much!

I put heat defence on my hair after I have washed and towel dried it for around 10/ 15 minutes.. Usually, I spray it like 10 times on each side of my hair.. maybe that's why the smell lasts for a few days! Then I blow dry my hair.

This one says that it protects against: heat syling;UV radiation and pollution. Sounds good to me ;)

The squirty nozzle bit to spray it out is but it gets in the way when spraying.

Charles Worthington: £5 ish
Pantene: £4 ish

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