Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dry Shampoo vs Baby Powder!

Greasy hair day because it's like the second day running without washing? I get that ALL the time, even the morning after I wash my hair because at night time, my hair sticks to the cream I put on my face! End up looking like a greaseball when I wake up.

I used Batiste dry shampoo, which you spray and it "absorbs" up the grease.. but you end up getting white patches of circles if you don't rub it in properly or if you spray it too close to the hair. I found that the dry shampoo didn't last all day, I still got lots of grease and I don't like spraying so much because I don't want my hair looking too white.

Batiste Original one smells quite.. fresh but it does smell quite powdery in my opinion. There are other smells like "Blush" and "Tropical" , they even do dry shampoos that come out brown, but I have not tried any of these.

I read in another magazine that baby powder is good for greasy hair too! So, I tried it out.

I actually find baby powder better than dry shampoo! I love the smell of baby powder ( I like the smell of most stuff ). Usually, i flip my had upside down, put baby powder in my hands/ fingers and rub rub rub into the roots of my hair. Voila, no more grease. Okay, maybe some..but much less. I also get less white patches with baby powder as this is easier to rub in and the powder is very fine.

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