Saturday, 26 June 2010

Colour Mix

Don't think many people will like these shorts, but I love them! Love the bright blueness of them, and I LOVE this denim jacket! Need to buy this.. - you know I haven't bought it because you can clearly see the sticker on it muahahaha.

I totally just mixed the pink and the blue... I saw these shorts before, and then found a girl modelling similar ones on a website with a nice pink top, so I thought i'd recreate the look ;)

I cropped my legs out of this photo, don't like them. Should crop out the face next time.

I want a denim jacket! Just wear anything, and wear on top ... keep those arms away!

Denim jacket: £40
Red/Corally top: £10
Bright blue shorts: £30

All Topshop.

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