Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Hair Bow

You might already know, but I LOVE bows. I've been trying to make a bow in my hair for years! The methods I tried in magazines never worked for me because my hair wasn't at the right length or it wasn't secure enough!

[These pictures were taken when i was trying it out, so you can see my huge clips. Use bobby pins instead!]

I have watched many hair videos on youtube and my favourite ones are from -binosusume- she does so many styles!

My sister showed me another video on how to make a bow in my hair and this is how I now do mine :) her youtube username is -bebexo-
1. Gather your hair into a ponytail where you want your bow to be. I prefer having my ponytails quite high up.
2. Tie your hairband around your ponytail and on the last loop, only loop in a small section of hair - make sure the rest of the ponytail is at the front of your head, and the loop is at the back.
3. Using around 2-4 bobby pins/ black clips, clip a small section of the ponytail down.
4. Split the ponytail in half and get the ponytail from the front and pull it over the middle.
5. Your bow shape should be formed, now just clip the ponytail down over the middle so it is nice and secure.
My hair doesn't really stay the way it is because its too...thin, so the first time I done this, I stuck two velcro rollers into the middle of the loops of the bun to help it stay up :) Maybe I should stuff socks in them next time ;)
Again, I'm not very good at writing out instructions, so these are the videos: (I used bebexo's video).

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