Saturday, 26 June 2010

Colour Mix

Don't think many people will like these shorts, but I love them! Love the bright blueness of them, and I LOVE this denim jacket! Need to buy this.. - you know I haven't bought it because you can clearly see the sticker on it muahahaha.

I totally just mixed the pink and the blue... I saw these shorts before, and then found a girl modelling similar ones on a website with a nice pink top, so I thought i'd recreate the look ;)

I cropped my legs out of this photo, don't like them. Should crop out the face next time.

I want a denim jacket! Just wear anything, and wear on top ... keep those arms away!

Denim jacket: £40
Red/Corally top: £10
Bright blue shorts: £30

All Topshop.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dry Shampoo vs Baby Powder!

Greasy hair day because it's like the second day running without washing? I get that ALL the time, even the morning after I wash my hair because at night time, my hair sticks to the cream I put on my face! End up looking like a greaseball when I wake up.

I used Batiste dry shampoo, which you spray and it "absorbs" up the grease.. but you end up getting white patches of circles if you don't rub it in properly or if you spray it too close to the hair. I found that the dry shampoo didn't last all day, I still got lots of grease and I don't like spraying so much because I don't want my hair looking too white.

Batiste Original one smells quite.. fresh but it does smell quite powdery in my opinion. There are other smells like "Blush" and "Tropical" , they even do dry shampoos that come out brown, but I have not tried any of these.

I read in another magazine that baby powder is good for greasy hair too! So, I tried it out.

I actually find baby powder better than dry shampoo! I love the smell of baby powder ( I like the smell of most stuff ). Usually, i flip my had upside down, put baby powder in my hands/ fingers and rub rub rub into the roots of my hair. Voila, no more grease. Okay, maybe some..but much less. I also get less white patches with baby powder as this is easier to rub in and the powder is very fine.

Heat Defence Sprays

Been using heat defence sprays for my hair for quite a long time now and I usually use this Pantene one as I used to use Pantene shampoos/conditioners. I love the smell of Pantene products, they all smell the same! However, the smell of this one doesn't last that long, it will be gone like the next day.

After a a year or so with Pantene ones, I decided it's time for a change, I saw in a magazine that the Pantene one wasn't really that good for protection...

So, I found this one! A Charles Worthington one. The smell of this is so fruity! The fruityness stays on for quite a long time too! I love i love. Even got people to smell my hair cause I love it so much!

I put heat defence on my hair after I have washed and towel dried it for around 10/ 15 minutes.. Usually, I spray it like 10 times on each side of my hair.. maybe that's why the smell lasts for a few days! Then I blow dry my hair.

This one says that it protects against: heat syling;UV radiation and pollution. Sounds good to me ;)

The squirty nozzle bit to spray it out is but it gets in the way when spraying.

Charles Worthington: £5 ish
Pantene: £4 ish

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Beachy Waves With No Heat

My hair is naturally straight, when I plait it for a whole day, and wake up the next day, it's straight again!

My sister used to curl it for me but I don't do it often because it doesn't look natural.

After lots of times trying to make my hair look naturally wavy, summery and beach-like, I have finally found a way to make my hair look wavy! I actually came across this while watching those L'oreal hair dying adverts ^^
Here it is:

Right, this is how I do it:
1. Once you've washed your hair and left it to towl dry for around 20 minutes, blow dry it until your hair is half/ three quarters dry.
2. Hold your hair into a ponytail and twist it all until it twists on itself and makes a bun.
3. Clip the end down with big clips or bobby pins, but make sure you leave around 2 or 3 inches from the bottom straight otherwise the bottom of your hair will go CRAZY.
4. Leave it in for a few hours or over night.
5. Voila! Clip the front section of hair with flowery clips or something to make it look more summery.

I don't use hairspray or mousse etc etc. I tried a texturising wax thing- it smelt of mint and my hair felt all sticky! Ew. The only product I use on my hair is heat defence spray just before I blow dry it.

[Pink flower clips- H&M, £1.99 pack of 2].

Methods I previously tried:
* Plaiting lots and lots of hair. Result: came out like a poodle.
* Plaiting loosely. Result: my hair went straight again.
* Velcro rollers. Result: I didn't know how to use them properly and it just got stuck in my hair.
* Leaving hair to dry naturally. Result: straight hair.
* Messy bun hair for a day. Result: flicked out in all different directions.

Hair Bow

You might already know, but I LOVE bows. I've been trying to make a bow in my hair for years! The methods I tried in magazines never worked for me because my hair wasn't at the right length or it wasn't secure enough!

[These pictures were taken when i was trying it out, so you can see my huge clips. Use bobby pins instead!]

I have watched many hair videos on youtube and my favourite ones are from -binosusume- she does so many styles!

My sister showed me another video on how to make a bow in my hair and this is how I now do mine :) her youtube username is -bebexo-
1. Gather your hair into a ponytail where you want your bow to be. I prefer having my ponytails quite high up.
2. Tie your hairband around your ponytail and on the last loop, only loop in a small section of hair - make sure the rest of the ponytail is at the front of your head, and the loop is at the back.
3. Using around 2-4 bobby pins/ black clips, clip a small section of the ponytail down.
4. Split the ponytail in half and get the ponytail from the front and pull it over the middle.
5. Your bow shape should be formed, now just clip the ponytail down over the middle so it is nice and secure.
My hair doesn't really stay the way it is because its too...thin, so the first time I done this, I stuck two velcro rollers into the middle of the loops of the bun to help it stay up :) Maybe I should stuff socks in them next time ;)
Again, I'm not very good at writing out instructions, so these are the videos: (I used bebexo's video).