Thursday, 20 May 2010

soap and glory ;)

I love the packaging of Soap and Glory stuff. I bought the SIT TIGHT today :) finally!
I saw it in a magazine a few weeks ago andI found it today! I kinda ran to it ==' yes, I was that excited. How embarassing. It was like.. £9.33 or something, it was on offer! I think the orginal price was meant to be like £14 but cause its new, there's a offer?

I'm actually too sure what it does, but I think it's meant to reduce the fat of the bottom area and break down the fat and improve circulation?

Right, all I need to do to activate it is rub it on, and sit down, now that's not hard is it? I wonder whether it really will work! I really hope it does, my bum makes me so angry o_O

As of tomorrow, I shall be testing it out ;) it BETTER WORK!

I ran out of HAND FOOD, so i bought another one last week =D its soo guurrrrddd.


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