Thursday, 20 May 2010

Floral Playsuits

Top photo: Topshop £40
Bottom photo: ZARA £25.99
I bought the top playsuit last year, it took me ages to consider whether to buy it... £40 is a bit expensive to buy a playsuit for me! This one is quite short as well, and the bottom bit is quite.. "airy" so when you bend down..
I saw the second playsuit while shopping today, tried it on, and bought it :) its got like frills on the neck bit. I love this one ^_^
The only thing I HATE about playsuits is that... it's pretty hard to go toilet in them, you kinda have to like, take it all off. And when you're in a place with the toilet "wall" kinda low.. it's kinda freaky.
btw, this isn't my room. I just dont have a mirror in my room, they freak me out at night, so for now, I will make do with this mirror xD

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