Friday, 16 April 2010

Missha BB Cream

While I was in HK for Chinese new year, I found that BB creams were very popular. My sister said that Missha was a very popular one and told me to buy her a bottle and I bought a bottle too :) Since then, I've been using it it's been around a month and a bit since I used it. I love the fact that it has SPF 42 because my skin gets sun damaged soo easily, i have a lot of redness and freckles on my face. I'm sun conscious!

According to the site, it says:
The assistant that served me kept introducing me to all this stuff to go with it, and in the end, I bought the BB Boomer and the cleanser. The BB Boomer is like a base for the BB Cream.

Apparantly, the BB Cream was tested out on people that had just had surgery and had scars and when they applied BB cream over some time, their scars went away. It was something like that anyway.

The overall benefits of Missha BB Cream:

+ Whitening

+ High SPF

+ Anti- wrinkle benefits

+ Smooth finish

+ Light and non greasy

My cheeks have a LOT of redness like little red spots, I don't even know what they are, I'm guessing it's from the sun. So here's the before and after of applying the BB cream on my redness..

My cheeks are actually so red, it's hard to cover up, especiall the left cheek. ==' When I was in the shop, I asked the lady if it would somehow kind of either cover up or lighten my freckles and she of course said yes. I haven't actually seen an improvement of my skin though but I like using it because it has such a high SPF and doesn't feel greasy like all my other day creams do.

Overall, I really like this product. Although my freckles and redness haven't really changed in colour, it might work on other people's skin because my redness and freckles have been with me for years.

Missha BB Cream: $199 HKD

Missha BB Boomer: $148 HKD

Both from a branch in HK. Can also be found online at Ebay and some other websites for around £15 ish.


  1. hey (:

    which tone did you buy for the bb cream? i
    have a similar skin colour to you, and i didnt know which colour to order online. could you please tell me which one you used


  2. could you post a clearer picture of the bb cream so we can see which colour you use. thanks

  3. Sorry for the late reply! I use No. 21 which is called light beige


  4. Hello,

    Would you say this one covers your freckles very well? Luckily, my skin is neutral, so I don't get any break-outs, but I also have a lot of freckles on my face. I am looking for one that would cover my freckles, and so far this one and skin79 the oriental BB cream are affordable and good.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. i don't really think it covers my freckles very well; but that might be because my freckles are very dark~ the BB cream only lightens and covers it a little bit for me.