Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Laneige Products

My little table where i put hair stuff and creams :)

I've been using Laneige products since last year, the products smell soo nice and fresh :) The lady there used this magnifying computer thing to look at my skin and it was very dry! So I got a hydrating set from Laneige which is- the left white long bottle, the blue one next to it, and the blue pot in the middle of the photo.
First, I apply the one in the blue bottle, which is called Power Essential Skin Refiner Light which is a sort of watery substance that you apply on your face with a cotton pad. Secondly I use the long white bottle on the left which is Balancing Emulsion 2- which I put on top of the skin refiner; it's sort of greasy when I put it just by itself. Thirdly, I apply some of the Water Bank Cream ( in the little dark blue pot )- it is like a gel cream and it really soothes the skin! It's always cold when I apply it and it just makes my skin instantly hydrated and smooth. I just looooove the smell of Laneige creams ^_^

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