Friday, 9 April 2010

Easy Bun Tool

I made a bun in my hair using this tool ^ -I don't know what it's called, when I saw it in Hong Kong, I decided to try it out. It is extremely easy to use; you can create a bun very quickly, and it holds the bun in place all day! No need for 50 clips in my bun now ^_^
1. Make a ponytail where you want your bun to be.

2. Backcomb your ponytail to make it move fluffy and the bun with be a bit more... voluminous.
-Keep it straight if you want a slick bun.

3. Twirl your hair as to how you want it to look like.

4. Using the tool, stick the forky bit (so it's facing outwards) into the edge of the bun- make sure you haven't forked it in too thickly. Push right down, so you can see the forky bit at the bottom of the hair you have placed it in.

5. Now, face the tool upwards, so the curve of the tool is facing upwards, then fork it underneath the hairband of your ponytail.
6. Accessorize the bun- add a clip or hairband or something. It looks so plain without it.
I don't even think my steps made sense! So, i took a picture of the original instructions =D

Bun tool
: Colourmix- HK - i think it was like $57 HKD or something like that =)
Hair bow
: Hong Kong- $20 ?


  1. omg that's well good! I'm gonna have to buy one =] I've never ever been able to do a bun with my hair >_<

  2. =D! When I do buns, they usually always fall out, or I have a gazillion black clips holding it up- it takes soo long to get every clip out!