Friday, 16 April 2010

Missha BB Cream

While I was in HK for Chinese new year, I found that BB creams were very popular. My sister said that Missha was a very popular one and told me to buy her a bottle and I bought a bottle too :) Since then, I've been using it it's been around a month and a bit since I used it. I love the fact that it has SPF 42 because my skin gets sun damaged soo easily, i have a lot of redness and freckles on my face. I'm sun conscious!

According to the site, it says:
The assistant that served me kept introducing me to all this stuff to go with it, and in the end, I bought the BB Boomer and the cleanser. The BB Boomer is like a base for the BB Cream.

Apparantly, the BB Cream was tested out on people that had just had surgery and had scars and when they applied BB cream over some time, their scars went away. It was something like that anyway.

The overall benefits of Missha BB Cream:

+ Whitening

+ High SPF

+ Anti- wrinkle benefits

+ Smooth finish

+ Light and non greasy

My cheeks have a LOT of redness like little red spots, I don't even know what they are, I'm guessing it's from the sun. So here's the before and after of applying the BB cream on my redness..

My cheeks are actually so red, it's hard to cover up, especiall the left cheek. ==' When I was in the shop, I asked the lady if it would somehow kind of either cover up or lighten my freckles and she of course said yes. I haven't actually seen an improvement of my skin though but I like using it because it has such a high SPF and doesn't feel greasy like all my other day creams do.

Overall, I really like this product. Although my freckles and redness haven't really changed in colour, it might work on other people's skin because my redness and freckles have been with me for years.

Missha BB Cream: $199 HKD

Missha BB Boomer: $148 HKD

Both from a branch in HK. Can also be found online at Ebay and some other websites for around £15 ish.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hand Food!

I hate having dry hands, it makes me feel irritated! This Soap and Glory hand cream is one of the best i've used. When I first bought it, I thought it was sort of greasy but i've got used to it now. It's extremely moisturising and smells very nice a marshmallow scent :) On the front of the squeezy bottle it says " non-greasy hydrating hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow ".
My sister bought a bottle too =D

+ The smell - Might seem a bit greasy at first
+ Very hydrating
- Might seem a bit greasy at first

Hand food: Soap and Glory, can be found at Boots.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Laneige Products

My little table where i put hair stuff and creams :)

I've been using Laneige products since last year, the products smell soo nice and fresh :) The lady there used this magnifying computer thing to look at my skin and it was very dry! So I got a hydrating set from Laneige which is- the left white long bottle, the blue one next to it, and the blue pot in the middle of the photo.
First, I apply the one in the blue bottle, which is called Power Essential Skin Refiner Light which is a sort of watery substance that you apply on your face with a cotton pad. Secondly I use the long white bottle on the left which is Balancing Emulsion 2- which I put on top of the skin refiner; it's sort of greasy when I put it just by itself. Thirdly, I apply some of the Water Bank Cream ( in the little dark blue pot )- it is like a gel cream and it really soothes the skin! It's always cold when I apply it and it just makes my skin instantly hydrated and smooth. I just looooove the smell of Laneige creams ^_^

Friday, 9 April 2010

Easy Bun Tool

I made a bun in my hair using this tool ^ -I don't know what it's called, when I saw it in Hong Kong, I decided to try it out. It is extremely easy to use; you can create a bun very quickly, and it holds the bun in place all day! No need for 50 clips in my bun now ^_^
1. Make a ponytail where you want your bun to be.

2. Backcomb your ponytail to make it move fluffy and the bun with be a bit more... voluminous.
-Keep it straight if you want a slick bun.

3. Twirl your hair as to how you want it to look like.

4. Using the tool, stick the forky bit (so it's facing outwards) into the edge of the bun- make sure you haven't forked it in too thickly. Push right down, so you can see the forky bit at the bottom of the hair you have placed it in.

5. Now, face the tool upwards, so the curve of the tool is facing upwards, then fork it underneath the hairband of your ponytail.
6. Accessorize the bun- add a clip or hairband or something. It looks so plain without it.
I don't even think my steps made sense! So, i took a picture of the original instructions =D

Bun tool
: Colourmix- HK - i think it was like $57 HKD or something like that =)
Hair bow
: Hong Kong- $20 ?