Thursday, 21 January 2010

Topshop Shorts

While I was shopping around in one of my favourite shops, Topshop, I came across these cute floral shorts for £35. I wasn't too sure about them at first, so I decided to try them on with a nice plain vest top. Although I'm not quite used to the look, I think they look quite quirky and cool on its own :) I'm going to Hong Kong soon, so I'm wondering whether to buy them or not. Hmm... Now I look at it again, it looks a bit like my Grandma's pyjama bottoms...

Yesterday, I rediscovered, and decided to make another outfit on top of others I have previously made. I came across some cute looking lace shorts, and when I saw them in Topshop today, I grabbed a pair and tried them on. To make the shorts and plain vest a bit more quirky, you could wear it: with a big chunky knit cardigan; a pair or short boots; team with tights; maybe a pair of brogues; snood/ knitted or any scarf; either a big bag or a little duffel bag. In summer, you can wear it with sandals - maybe?